Saturday, September 25, 2010

Miami Spice Restaurant Review

For the months of August and September, there is this special program going on called Miami Spice in which really high-dollar restaurants offer a 3-course menu at a much cheaper price.  There are a lot of participating restaurants, almost too many to choose from!  Even one of Emeril's restaurants in Miami Beach was on the list.  The husband and I opted for this place called Smith and Wollensky right by the waterfront, overlooking the whole cityscape.

We ate there last night, and it was really our first time going out in Miami as a married couple, so it really was a lot of fun.  We made reservations the night before, and requested outdoor seating in order to get the amazing view.  When we arrived at the restaurant, we were seated almost right away after handing over the keys for valet parking.

Israel and I had to wait a few minutes for them to prepare our table, so we kind of observed the people around us on the deck.  I think we were both amazed by the fact these people probably eat out at places like this on a regular basis.  Although I'm not sure how someone can feel justified by buying a $3000 bottle of wine:

Pretty outrageous!

We opted for Coke products and water.  :)  We ate some rosemary-sprinkled rolls as we waited for the first course.  I ordered a watermelon and feta salad, and Israel ordered pea soup.

I'm pretty sure I've never had anything like this one before, so it was very entertaining for my taste buds: Watermelons, feta, olives, mint and tomatoes.

For the main course, Israel ordered a filet mignon and I originally ordered the lemon-pepper chicken, but changed my mind at the last second to the filet mignon also.  I've never had filet mignon before, so while I really liked it, I had nothing in my mind to compare it to, unlike Israel who says he's had a bit better before.  We also ordered a nice side of mashed potatoes to accompany the filet mignon.

Are you noticing the size of the knife??

For dessert, I was pretty excited about my White Chocolate Creme Brulee, and Israel was equally excited about his Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Bean ice cream.  When the desserts arrived, I tapped my fork on the surface of the creme brulee like Amelie, and Israel dived into his cake.  However, we were both a little disappointed.  His Molten Chocolate was not so molten, but a little cold and my Creme Brulee was also on the colder side.  On our honeymoon, we ordered the Crunchy Molten Lava Cakes from Dominoe's a couple times (which is AMAZING-- go order and eat it right now, and you will die of pleasure!), so I think we got spoiled.

Although we were disappointed with the desserts, something then happened that ironically became the highlight of the evening.  

As we were commenting on the couple across from us, I see this cat come out from under their table and head right towards us, looking directly at Israel.  Of course, it knows my dislike for cats, so it comes over to my side of the table and plops down right beside me.  The cat started to look very, very intently at me with the most hungry eyes and it really seems like it's going to pounce on me.  I start freaking out, so Israel tries to shoo it away with no luck.  

He calls over the waiter, and says "Excuse me, but there's a cat hanging around our table."

"...Yeah?"  The waiter asks, as if it's the most natural thing.

"Is that part of the experience?" asks my husband.

The waiter then said that this particular cat just happens to come around a lot, and shoos him off.  But I captured a quick picture of him first.

Although Smith and Wollensky didn't live up to all of our expectations, it was still a really nice experience to eat at a fancy place like that.  It was enjoyable to get out with the husband for a night in the city and to experience more Miami night life!

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  1. Valet?! Whoa. And wine that expensive? Man, this place was fansayy. You should have told your waitor that the dessert wasn't quite what you got spoiled with on your honeymoon- Dominoes- I'm sure he would have liked that ;) Sometimes, pretenses have nothing to do with flavor... So many eatieries to discover in Miami!!