Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Wedding

People always tell you that your wedding day will speed by before you even have time to realize it.  Because of how cliché that sounded, I didn’t know if that would actually be the case for our wedding.  However, clichés often have a lot of truth in them!  It really did go by entirely too fast.  Our wedding was so special and so beautiful, that I wish I could have slowed it down at least a little bit.

We were married on a Thursday night (yes, a Thursday—why discriminate days of the week that aren’t on the weekend?) in front of friends and family who traveled near and far.  Israel’s closest friends, mom and brother all came from Miami to Kansas for the first time.  They were so fascinated by the strange and different Kansas landscape, they had various photo shoots in yellow cornfields and farmland.  I even had a friend from high school travel from D.C. just to come to our wedding.  We were both so blessed by everyone around us that day.

My husband and I had planned to have the ceremony outside at my aunt and uncle’s house, because they had a lot of land and a beautiful pond in the back.  There are always weather risks when you plan for an outdoor reception, and we did keep this in mind as we continued planning.  I’m so glad that we had a backup plan, because during the week of the wedding, Thursday was the only day with predicted heavy rain.  Still, you’re not always sure with Kansas whether it’s really going to do what it says it might do, so I was still hopeful on the rainy morning of our wedding.  I was beginning to accept the fact that we might not get to have our wedding in the intended location when I went to my nail lady that morning for an emergency repair job on two badly botched French tips. 

She told me that if it rains on your wedding day, it’s actually good luck.  I’m not really a believer in luck, but I began to really love the whole idea and the beautiful symbolism behind a renewal and cleansing rain on the day you become one with your spouse.  Suddenly, rain didn’t seem such a bad thing after all, but actually, quite lovely.

Since the wedding was at 6 PM, we had the whole day to get ready.   I was a bit overwhelmed before I left my house, because not only was I preparing to leave for our honeymoon, but also Kansas and a whole life behind me.  I had tried to pack as much as I could during the first part of the week, but like most projects, I waited until the night before to finish packing.  I began to get really nostalgic as I sorted through old notes and pictures, and I felt very strange leaving the bulk of my winter clothes there, as I wouldn’t be needing much of them in my new warmer climate.  

From the time we arrived at John and Lavina's house right up to when we walked over to the barn, time really flew by.  I had a whole entourage helping me get into my very fitted dress, with at least 30 buttons down the back.  Everyone was so great at keeping me calm and making sure everything was going smoothly.  My personal attendants were wonderful at seeing to tasks I still don't even know about, and just being all-around awesome.  Israel and I had decided for him not to see me in my dress until I was walking down the aisle, and I am so glad we decided to do that.  

It was finally time to walk down the aisle with my dad to greet and marry my groom.  The barn doors had been opened up, so there was this very comfortable and lovely breeze as I walked through the line of chairs.  My eyes were fixed on Israel, and I could not stop smiling the rest of the night.  I just felt so blessed to have all my close friends in attendance of our wedding, and it really was an honor to see everyone there supporting us.  

There were definitely some comical things that happened during the ceremony, such as the communion cup of wine spilling all across the front of the communion table, leaving a red stain that really looked like a lamb had been slain there!  I'm just glad we were able to light our unity candle despite the wind.  

Although a lot of the day feels like a blur, the part that stands out to me the most is when Israel and I were saying our vows to each other.  The reverence in saying those vows hit me almost for the time as we were declaring our commitment to each other.  That is one of the most beautiful moments of my life, declaring a lifetime loyalty and faithfulness to my husband in front of God and in front of many witnesses.  

We wanted our wedding to be non-traditional and different, because the way we met and our whole relationship is different than most.  We had my Maid of Honor and Israel's Best Man read a passage from Song of Solomon, alternating between English and Spanish.  This communicated not only the union of Israel and I, but also two families from different backgrounds and countries coming together as well.  

The reception was a lot of fun, and it really did feel like a joyful celebration as we danced, ate pie, took pictures in the photo room, and talked with friends.  It was the most joyful day of my life!  :)  I'm so blessed to be married to Israel, and we continue to learn more about each other and the joys of marriage.

A few pictures from our wedding!



  1. Mi amor! It sure was a wonderful day! It certainly went by too fast! As the wedding party began to walk down the aisle, I couldn't keep my eyes off the back door, waiting for you to come out. You looked beautiful. The most lovely and beautiful of women. My lily among thorns.

    It was the most wonderful day in my life, too. It was fun, it was different, it was us. I love you, my wonderful wife!

  2. It was a beautiful day, indeed! I loved how laid back everybody was, just enjoying the day. Certainly one of the best weddings I've ever been a part of. :)

  3. My love! I couldn't wait to see you! I'm so glad we decided for that moment to be the first time we saw each other. :) That day was so beautiful and special.

    Rachel, I agree! I think the setting helped everyone just be laid back and relaxed, and that's how it should always be! I am so grateful for you being around to help that day, it truly was an honor to have you a part of the wedding. :)