Monday, September 27, 2010

Out of the Closet

My husband and I like to watch Project Runway.  What started as sort of making fun of the judges’ comments and the contestants’ hairstyles turned into a secret liking for the show.  We actually cheered and gave each other double high fives in the air when the show’s drama queen was kicked off the show in the most recent episode.

I would never mock my husband’s masculinity, so I asked permission to bring up his name in this blog. :) Israel is confident enough in his manhood to admit that he does like fashion and enjoys watching Project Runway (but probably not as much as I do).

We like to teasingly criticize the designers’ pieces with strange correlations before the judges do:  “It’s hard but soft, edgy but feminine, dark but light, warm but cool, flashy but demure…”

Anyone else a fan?