Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today I went to church in a movie theatre...

... And I liked it!

Israel and I are looking for a Biblical church to attend in Miami.  I'm really excited about going to different churches here and to ultimately get plugged into a church where we can experience true fellowship with other devoted Christians.  I really like the idea of finding a new church where people will know us first as a married couple, and not as Israel's new wife or Elena's new husband, but as a unit.

Today we went to Christ Fellowship in Kendall, only about five minutes from our apartment.  It also happens to meet in a movie theatre!  We arrived ready for service at 10 this morning, and when I spotted the treats table set up in the lobby, I eagerly grabbed a cup of coffee.  We were greeted by many friendly people, and made our way into Theatre 10.  Worship was already in progress, and we recognized many Hillsong worship songs.

The pastor was direct and clear about a passage in James about temptations and faith.  The church is in the middle of a series called Authentic Faith, based on the whole book of James.  I was amazed by how God really used this particular sermon to speak to me about different things going on in my life right now, and I was very encouraged and refreshed.

What I really liked about the church was that not only do they talk about serving and loving your community, but they are actually doing something about it.  They have something coming up next month called LoveMiami where they go out into the community and serve with different projects.

I came away from the service feeling very renewed, and excited to get into the Word and study these passages more.  Israel and I looked up some information about getting involved in a small group, and they have groups meeting almost every day of the week for fellowship.  We're going to try out some other churches before we commit to joining a small group, but for our first church, this was a good one.  I could definitely see us coming back here and enjoying the church very much.  


  1. It really was a wonderful church mi amor. Like you, I loved their focus on spiritual things, but also on doing, on loving.

    And I love you!