Sunday, October 3, 2010

Brief update pt. 2

So I never did post more "tomorrow."  Sorry, my few but faithful readers.  We don't have Internet yet at our apartment so it's either a free wifi trip to Starbucks, Barnes and Noble or Israel's grandma's house to get online.  This has definitely helped with my online addiction, but it is nice to be on and connected to friends and family now that I live far away.

It's strange not to be in Topeka now, especially since Fall has started.  Aside from a two-month stint in California, Kansas has been all I've known.  So naturally, it's an adjustment living here.  It's very strange to be in 80's weather during October, but I think I could get used to it for as often as I complained about cold Kansas winters.

To be honest, I do get quite lonely during the day and I have to daily remind myself that God has a plan for us here, and just to keep trusting Him.  I miss all my friends and family, and it's weird that I'm not a part of Topeka life anymore.  But marriage is the greatest blessing I've ever experienced.  I'm learning everyday how to put Israel first, and how to love and serve him even more as his wife.  It's not that someone can't feel this way as a single person, but I feel more settled and peaceful.  I love being a wife.

My parents were a huge help in getting our home set up.  It feels more like our place now, and not like a hotel room or just some temporary place we were staying in.  We took my parents around a lot of Miami-- IKEA, dinner at the best Cuban restaurant La Carreta, several Cuban bakeries, had a picnic at the beach where Israel proposed to me, dinner at Israel's mom's house, and other various touristy things.  We also watched the wedding DVD that Patty Rogie put together, and it's awesome!!  She made a slideshow of everyone's pictures from facebook from the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception along with video footage too.  It was really nice to watch that from a different perspective, and to see all the things I missed (like my sister messing with the wine goblet about to fall off the table during the prayer).  :)

A few pictures from my parents' visit:

Dinner with the in-laws

The sign explains it all :)... a very delightful time at IKEA

Standing in front of the exact spot Israel proposed to me 6 months ago... I love my hubby!!

Gotta love Swedish meatballs :)


  1. Mi amorrr! I love you :) Soon you'll start working and meeting people in our new church and your days will be better. As we both know, the evenings are amazing! ;)

    God is moldings us in this time. We've been living here as a married couple for barely three weeks and they have been great! :) Marriage is new for us, but like you said, it is the greatest blessing. We are together now. We are one and that's the most beautiful thing ever. Israel and Elena Sánchez.

    You'll always miss your family and friends. And the good friends will always be there, doesn't matter where you are. Now we are our own family, too. Plus mi familia es tu familia, también. Te amo.

    And yes, having your parents here was awesome! They really are great and helped a lot. They are my family now too! :)

  2. I wish I lived near an IKEA!! The pictures are great. Excited to talk to you tomorrow :)

  3. I wish I could just call you during the day instead of working. :(

  4. Lena, i love those pics. haha! :) I like the one of the two of you in front of a mirror?...:)