Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lizards, lizards, and lizards- oh my!

Lizards in Miami are about as common as squirrels in Topeka.  If not more so.  Actually, I will just go ahead and state that they are indeed way more common.

 Just outside our apartment

I’m still amazed when I’m taking a walk and I see at least half a dozen lizards scurry across the sidewalk in front of me.  They are incredibly fast!

When Israel moved into the apartment in August before we got married, he had noticed a little lizard hanging out in the bathroom sometimes.  Israel decided to let him live there, and affectionately named him Don Miller.  He told me he hadn’t seen little Donald in a while, and fast forward to our wedding, honeymoon and coming back to our new home:  we’re cleaning the bathroom and pick up the rug by the shower and there, crushed to death, is little lizard Don underneath the rug.  :( 

Don’s ending was tragic.  A couple weeks later, I’m at home reading and glance up at the wall and see another little creature scaling the bathroom door.  I chase him into the bathroom and snap a shot of him with my camera.  He slid under the counter before I had a chance to take a closer look at him.  I named him Joshua Harris, since the real Don Miller and Joshua Harris are friends.  But he hasn’t been seen since.

The other night, my husband and I were getting ready to go to sleep, and I notice a strange silhouette on the wall.  I made Israel get up and check for me what it was.  It was, you guessed it, another lizard!  I named him Francis Chan and tried going to sleep, hoping Francis wouldn’t jump on my head in my sleep.  For Israel, having lizards around is nothing unusual, but it may take me a little getting used to it...

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  1. Can you please name the next one Clive Staples?? Man, there were so many little geckos in Jamaica. They freaked a lot of the girls out, but I just thought they were kind of cute. Sounds like you're embracing the change (plus, no more squirrels- or at least less!)