Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mastering the Art of Cooking

After talking to my sister the other day about cooking, I felt inspired to scour through cookbooks to find some fresh ideas for dinner.  Now I finally understand the conundrum many housewives face about what to fix for dinner.  It can be frustrating trying to come up with new ideas!  Israel and I have only been in Miami for a little over two weeks, so thus far I've just come up with ideas on a day-to-day basis.  Sunday, however, changed everything.

I planned out all of our dinners for the next week, alternating between American and Cuban meals, to accommodate both of our tastes.  So far, I hadn't really made anything amazing.... spaghetti, chicken and rice, rice and beans with scrambled eggs, cheap pre-mixed pasta.  So!  I decided to make a real American meal for my hubby on Sunday night-- baked ranch chicken (crushed Ritz crackers, butter and dry Ranch dressing) and mashed potatoes.  I got a fabulous mashed potato recipe from my sister, and set to work.  

We are limited on counter space, so I switch out the appliances on the counter and even use our dish rack as an additional counter.  It works out well.  :)  I began to peel and boil the potatoes, as the chicken was baking (or so I thought) in our new convection oven.  After a while, I noticed that the breading on the chicken was burning so I took it out and discovered that it wasn't cooking at all!  I looked at the dials on the oven, and found out that I had forgotten to switch them over to the bake setting from the toast/broil setting from that morning.  I cut the chicken into even smaller pieces, and managed to save the chicken.

For the mashed potatoes, I added lots of garlic salt, chives, sour cream, butter and milk and mixed it all together in our new Kitchen Aid.  I've never made such creamy mashed potatoes!  Everything tasted great!  :)  I'm excited about trying new recipes this week.


  1. Mi amor! Those were the best mashed potatoes I've ever had! And you know I'm not saying that because it's the nice thing to say. I really loved them! And the ranch chicken was amazing!!

  2. Planning weekly meals saves us lots of money, mostly on food that used to be wasted. :) Well done. :)

  3. Well done, you! I agree with Rach that planning meals is a time and a money saver, plus a way to make sure you're not just resorting to TV dinners. You go, chica!

  4. Thanks honey! :) I'm so glad you liked everything!

    And thank you, Rachel and Tricia! I'm starting to plan meals for next week... any ideas?? It's been really fun trying out new recipes.

  5. just now getting on here to try to "comment" again...
    :) Im so glad the meal worked out for ya. Some ways I've also been saving the $ is from recipes that are simple from "Busy Woman's cook book". Using less ingredients and using a little more spice is a fun trick.