Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nuestra Casita (our little house)

Here are just a few pictures of our place-- at least the bathroom and kitchen areas.  We don't have a lot on the walls yet, so I'll post more pics soon of the bedroom.  Here are these for now!  :)

That step stool below the sink comes in handy everyday!!  Like whoa, like whoa.

One of my favorite wedding gifts was that tulle pitcher above the fridge, so I put a rose Israel gave me for our anniversary inside.  We try to make our space very efficient, so somehow we fit all of our appliances there!  :)


Other side of the kitchen... note the convection oven to the right of the microwave--- that thing has changed the way I cook so much!  Amazing little tool.


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  2. Cute!!! Love the red dishes... I want to visit. Your stepping stool comment made me laugh!

  3. all the colors are great! the apt. really looks nice!