Friday, November 12, 2010

Bad Movie Night

I was lying on my stomach, peering over the edge of the bed to look at the stack of movies Israel was going through.  We debated each one, trying to pick one to watch that evening.

"I'm sort of in a mellow mood, I don't really want an over-the-top comedy," I told him.

"Well, I do feel like a comedy, I'm not really feeling Lost in Translation, that's too dry for me right now," Israel said.

"Hmm... well, we could watch Twilight and make fun of it?"  I suggested.

After narrowing it down to three options, and tossing a coin (not a metaphor), a Twilight mocking was in store for the evening.  That's when I remembered one time after watching the fabulous Project Runway we caught a preview of another fashion design show called Austin and Santino.  The best part is that Israel is the one who caught an eerie resemblance of Austin to someone else:

"He looks like the dad on Twilight, Carlisle!!"  Good job, honey, on knowing his name, too.

Yes, I created a whole Photoshop picture just for this post.  
Also, for your entertainment:


  1. Haha! :) That Austin guy is so creepy looking! And yes, Mock Twilight night was quite a success honey! :) Te amo!

  2. Never has there been a movie more worth making fun of!

  3. Hahahhahaha! I feel bad for Robert Pattinson, having to act beside her.