Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eggs: A Love Story

When I was a little girl, I despised eggs.  Whenever my mom would be making deviled eggs or egg salad, I pinched my nose with my tiny fingers and left the room with my little girl arrogance.  I hated the smell, but more than that, the soft and squishy texture of eggs.

When I got a little older, on a canoe trip with my dad and sisters, I decided to give eggs another try—this time with lots of ketchup and pepper.  The flavor of the condiments overpowered the texture, and I grew to like them.  Eventually, I could just eat them scrambled with massive amounts of pepper.  I still eat them that way.

The next stage of my life and my journey with eggs, is the egg and grape jelly sandwich, invented by my dad.  Although I initially scoffed at this strange combination, I tried it.  Soon I was eating this almost every morning, sometimes switching it up with blueberry jam.  I scrambled the eggs with a little milk in a bowl, formed it into a little filet in the skillet, and fried it until it was a light brown.  While I was frying the egg, I scrambled over (heh heh) to the toaster, tapping the bread down to make most effective use of my time (another thing I learned from my very practical dad).  I love eating my food when it’s fresh from whatever hot appliance it comes from.  Next came the smattering of the grape jelly on both sides of the toasted bread, and placing the egg fillet in the middle, in its very safe and delicious place.

Now, I cook eggs in some form every week, whether it’s in a cake or cookie batter, an omelette, on a toasted bagel with mozzarella cheese, or cooking scrambled eggs and rice for my Cuban.  I use eggs constantly, and absolutely love them!  Even if all we have in our fridge are a carton of milk, a tub of fake butter, and a crate of eggs I know we’ll be okay.  


  1. I still need to try the grape and egg sandwich! So interesting. Eggs really are very good sources of protein, tasty, and inexpensive to boot! I went through my own I don't like eggs thing, but it had more to do with the fact that when I was skinny and my dad offered me eggs every morning (to try and get me to eat some fat and protein), I, rebelliously, said no! Weird. Gosh, I feel like making myself an egg right now.

  2. Mi amor! I really love how you write! I like this entry a lot. I also love how you cook! And you know that I love me some eggs! And I love me some you! :)

  3. oh i love this. reminds me of all the practicalities of dad growing up. you wrote to descriptively! :) made me feel like I was there eating with you. that would be awesome.

  4. That is a really interesting combination...could it work with raspberry jelly? I think that's all that we have right now.