Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Closer to home

A couple of weeks ago my husband found out about an opening at another library branch, only about 10 minutes from our apartment.  He had been working at another branch in a whole other town, which sometimes can be up to an hour commute each way.  Obviously, a transfer would benefit us in many ways!

Israel applied and got the job!  This is such an answer to prayer, for real!  This job opening came so unexpectedly, and usually these kind of openings don't happen very often.  Not only will this save us money on gas, but we can also spend Israel's lunch hour together.  Plus, some days I can just drop him off at work and use the car for the day.  Hello!  :)

My husband started the new job this week, and since he gets an hour and a half lunch break (wow!), he's been coming home for lunch and eating with me.  To actually communicate with a human being in the middle of the day is awesome!!  It's such a blessing!


  1. :) I love you mi amor! God is amazing! He is always opening doors of blessings in our life! :) I love you so much! Hello!