Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of 2010 in pictures

Last week at TBC Pastor Jim gave an assignment to think of 10 things that have happened to you in the last year, and then make a list of 10 things you'd like to see in 2011.  I actually like this assignment!

2010 really has been quite an eventful year for me (if not the most!).... let's seee.......

1.  I began an online/Skype/1500 mile courtship with my now husband

2.  I traveled to Peru with a small group from Washburn to study for a couple of weeks.

And Israel was there too!!

No, not really.  We hadn't met in person yet.  This is photoshopped.  ;)

3.  My dear sister got married to a great man of God.

4.  I met said now husband for the first time in person at the airport in March, four months after we began talking.

5.  We got engaged a month later (I know, we move fast).

6.  After studying at Washburn for five years, I finally graduated in May with a Bachelor's in Art History.  And my whole family plus then fiancĂ© were all there!

7.  I took a post-grad trip with my bestie to Williamsburg and then spent three weeks in Ireland, traveling around the whole coast and staying in a slur of youth hostels.

8.  I started planning furiously for our upcoming wedding and went to lots of fun parties and bridal showers.

9.  I married the absolute love of my life and most thoughtful man on September 9th in my uncle John's barn. We had a blast partying it up at the reception with everyone we loved the most right there with us.  It was the happiest day of my life!  We then spent a blissful honeymoon in beautiful St. Thomas.

10.  And just two weeks ago, I stuffed a chicken for the first time in my life.  It was terrifying.  And gross.

And that sums up 2010!  Looking back, I feel unbelievably blessed.  This has been an amazing year, that's for sure!  Looking forward to what the new year has in store for us!  :)

Happy New Year's everyone!


  1. What a crazy, amazing year!! One to go down in the books, for sure (especially the chicken stuffing part!) Keep the recollections and reflections coming, bestie.

  2. aww :) love all of them! and second to the! im curious how you "stuffed" it! haha

  3. It was a wonderful year honey! :) God did some amazing things!

  4. i cant imagine how many times you will be telling the story of how you met Israel! and for some reason i find that picture at the airport hilarious.. im sure you'll be showing that picture a lot too lol im so happy for you guys and i hope you stop by Sunday like izzy said you would. oh and btw you're wedding pictures are so epic! they look like something you only see in movies, i want that photographer at my wedding lol

  5. haha, after I already about my boneless skinless chicken, I went back home and looked at my recipe and realized that you had to peel back the skin to stuff the thing. Wellll... since I didn't really have any skin to peel back, I just ripped back some of the actual meat and made a nice little pocket for it... hehe. :)

    And Darin, we would love to see you on Sunday! But I think you may have to come to us... Israel will explain that. Thanks for the compliment on our pictures! Our photographer works out of Kansas City, so you may have to fly him out for your wedding. ;)

  6. *bought, not about... that makes no sense.