Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plane Rides, Benadryl and a Crowded Love Nest

I have felt like the laziest person since we got back from Topeka two nights ago.  I've had this weird on-and-off cold/sinus infection/allergies for 3 months now (probably would be a good idea to see the doctor), and it started up again the morning we left Miami for Topeka.  It worsened over the weekend until I couldn't breathe at all out of my nose or stop sneezing when we were 30,000 feet in the air on the way home.

The MIA (Miami International Airport) is insane and I feel a bit like I'm part of a cattle drive when we try to maneuver our way around.  We took a crowded sky train to baggage claim and waited for an hour and a half for our bags to come swinging around on the carousel.  We finally got to our little home at 10:30, approximately 12 hours after we left Topeka.  At this point, I was feeling very low.  Israel and I watched a couple episodes of 24, and then I took 2 Benadryl pills and knocked myself out for the night.

Yesterday was a blur for me.  I woke up when Israel left for work, took another Benadryl and slept right up until he came home for lunch.  I lay in bed, completely out of it, as he fixed himself a sandwich and then lay down next to me for another hour.  I was feeling better later that afternoon.

Now to the Crowded Love Nest part.

When I left Miami, I only had a little carry-on bag, and we came back with our carry-on's, plus my huge 50 pound checked suitcase.  It's loaded with cooking supplies (my Christmas presents this year), home-cooked goodies, my winter wardrobe, and several books and movies.  Upon our arrival here, we were both so tired that we (or really just I) left my bags in the middle of the room to sort out later.  Due to my zombie state yesterday, I didn't get around to unpacking or cleaning.

Our living room floor is now filled with a new wedding present, our coffee maker, and an old CD player Israel's grandpa Jorge just brought by.  The following explains how we just acquired that last item:

I'm lying in bed, still in my pajamas, hair seriously unkept, and feeling sluggish from massive amounts of Benadryl in the last 48 hours.  I hear a knock on the door, and I debate for a minute whether to get up and answer the door, looking like I do.  Wondering if it might be a package, I get up and answer the door to see Jorge standing there with an old CD player.

"Oh, well hi!"  I greet him.

"Oye, I don't know... if it work... but if you want...."  Jorge says in his broken English.

"Oh okay, well gracias.  I'll see if it works."  (I usually try to speak some form of Spanish, but I was too tired today to even try to form coherent sentences)

"I don't know... if it no work... whooosh," Jorge motions to the garbage bin down the driveway.


"Sí, el radio is good, pero bueno, no sé el audio.  If it no work, just whooosh," Jorge motions toward the garbage bin again.

"Okay, well gracias!"  I say and take the CD player and place it on the floor, and fall back into bed again.

On another note, Israel and I had a completely wonderful time in Kansas... which I will soon write about.  :)

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