Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas in Kansas

I realize I haven't written about our time in Kansas yet, and it's hard to summarize our time there.  For me, it was just magical.  As soon as we got to KCI and drove in the back of my brother-in-law's car to my parent's house, I looked out the window and instantly felt warm inside although it was a chilly 19 degrees.  Not that Miami hasn't had its cold days, but for the most part I've been soaking up the warm Miami sun for the last three months... so the cold was a bit of a shock to my system.

I know it's different when you live there and soon get tired of the cold, but it was refreshing to me.  I remember so many times dreading the walk from your car to wherever your location might be.  We did Secret Santa with everyone this year (the guys had the guys and the girls had the girls), and my husband had my brother-in-law.  We went Christmas shopping shortly before we left, and Israel got Justin a pair of linesman pliers at Walmart.  As we were looking at different brands, my husband asked me, "Maybe we should wait until we're in Topeka until we buy them since they could be considered a weapon?"  Dreading going shopping on Christmas Eve and facing the busy Walmart crowd I said, "No I'm sure it will be fine."

Those words would come to haunt me later as we ran our carry-on bags through the X-ray, and Israel got pulled aside.  His Christmas present was confiscated, due to it being an inch too long to carry.  Shortly after we got to my parents' house we went on another trip to Walmart to buy more pliers.  :)

When we first arrived at my parents' house, greeted and hugged everyone, I was overwhelmed with this feeling of intense nostalgia.  I almost cried.  Other than about ten months spent living with a few other girls in another house, and two months in California one summer, this where I lived my entire life.  I grew up there.  I played dress-up with my two sisters constantly, often transforming the living room into a large fort, train station, or office.  We would spend cold winter mornings huddled by the furnace next to my dad's chair, holding our dog Minnie on our lap, and waiting for the warm air to come out.

I love Christmas there.  My mom usually goes all out, turning the house into a Christmas winter wonder land, decorations, red and green everywhere.  Our Christmas tree was not the traditional organized strictly ball ornaments and white lights-- it was a hodge podge of ornaments we had made in school, little animals, tinsel, and colored lights decorating the whole tree.  It was cozy and wonderful.

Our time there went by way too fast, but I'm so grateful for the time we did have.  It was simply lovely and so refreshing for me to be back around family and close friends.

Some highlights:

- exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve with our Secret Santa's... and finding out who had who.
- my dad while playing Catch Phrase is pretty much the funniest thing ever... he'll slip on his glasses to read the word, take them off, put the reader down, and act it out with some awesome gesture :)
- seeing the light show at TBC... well, the condensed version, without the live actors
- driving around Potwin, looking at all the beautiful old Victorian homes and their displays
- having my uncle John and aunt Lavina come over on Christmas Day, and making gingerbread houses
- seeing lots of friends at Tricia's house for a Christmas/birthday party
- being back at TBC
- coffee with Tricia at a new coffee shop downtown
- dancing it up at Rachel's with Just Dance... and watching my husband and Tricia's brother dance to "Rasputin."  Hilarious.
- celebrating my husband's birthday a day early with cake and Lord of the Rings.
- a constant supply of chocolate and other yummy goodies... fudge that Renae brought from Indiana, chocolate torte cake, chocolate sheet cake, Lavina's oh so delicious butter-horn rolls, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies... oh my.  I've gained a pound just listing all of these!
- enjoying the space heater in our room.  Oh how I love those!

It was everything I hoped it would be.  It was perfect.

Thank you, husband.  

 Our first Christmas together

hehehe... Israel and Bekah singing some carols


  1. I forget that you've lived here your entire life, in the same house even. I can't imagine your parents ever moving, so it will be nice to always be able to return home for the holidays and soak up the warm nostalgia. Loved seeing you too!! Only a little over a week till we see you again :)

  2. Ra Ra Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine...