Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cooking Lessons

My husband is learning to cook!  My nurse told me I should rest as much as I can this week and to let the hubby do the cooking... so he has been great in helping around the house, doing the dishes and getting me things.  The first few days after I got home from the hospital I felt nauseous all the time, it really was awful.  But thank God that I'm feeling much better now!  I still have some back pain, but the nausea has gone away.  

Israel cooking some spaghetti for himself (I'm on a pretty strict diet until my busted kidney is fixed again).

Prior to this week, Israel hasn't done any cooking before.  He grew up in a home with lots of doting ladies always keeping him out of the kitchen and making all the meals.  I was feeling so bad I would just be laying on the bed, giving out directions to him as he did all the cooking.  He's now successfully made an omelette, spaghetti, and of course-- rice, which I told him now makes him a real Cuban.

I'm excited for when we have a bigger kitchen someday soon where we can cook together!


  1. Honey! Cooking together will be really fun! Pronto! I love you!

  2. Yeah it will! :) I love you too!