Friday, January 14, 2011

The Power of Nonverbal Skills

They say that you never truly learn a second language until you're fully engulfed by it.  I have never experienced that more than I do now on a regular basis.  I've never lived anywhere where Spanish can always be heard, often more than English.

I had prided myself on my three years of high school Spanish, and then three years of college-level Spanish for so long... until I moved to Miami.  What a wake-up call!  It's difficult when you are actually trying to actively engage in conversations.  I feel like I'm constantly translating in my head.  The Cuban accent is particularly hard for me to understand, but lately I have noticed a change in that it is getting a little easier.

Whenever I see Israel's family, there's usually a lot of translating going on.  And when I try to speak Spanish, I usually just say very short sentences.  This hasn't been like a lot of relationships I'm used to forming, with so little communication.  But despite all that, we've been able to form a bond, and I truly do love all of them a lot.

It's amazing that despite language barriers, you can still get along well with someone and learn about their personality, though it may not be through verbal communication.

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  1. My family loves you too honey! They're your family now! :)

    And I love you very much!