Monday, January 24, 2011

Ramblings of a Restless Housewife

I was about to read more in my current book, Into the Wild (future book review to come), when I felt that guilty twinge that I should be productive and get something accomplished.  It seems like there's always something to clean or take care of, so I decided to indulge those guilty feelings and tackle the thing I dread the most-- cleaning out the fridge.

I must admit that this is the household chore I abhor the most, and I confess that I often let the leftovers set in their containers much longer than I should... dare I say how long?   No.  But it's far too long.  I always put it off as long as I can, because I guess I keep hoping said leftovers will be eaten... but soon, the time for them to be consumed has long gone, and then I have the task to clean them out.  I decided to tackle the entire fridge.  A few trash bags and some humility later, I had filled the sink with Tupperware containers with massive amounts of Ajax and scorching hot water.

To avoid this awful task in the future, I now vow to no longer leave leftovers in the fridge for longer than ___ days? weeks?  You'll never know.

Feeling like I needed to get out of the apartment, I went for my semi-daily exercise routine.  This usually consists of walking for two minutes, jogging for another two minutes, and then sprinting for about one minute, and then repeating this whole process as I go around the neighborhood a few times.  I love the feeling of sprinting as hard and fast as I can!  Running isn't my favorite mode of exercise but it's all I can do for now until I get a bike-- so I will do it in small doses.  :)


  1. I wish I could not relate to this, but I can. My fridge can be soooo nasty.

    Once I started planning out meals by the week, it really helped with leftovers, though. ;)

  2. Haha yeah I bet that does help. I'd like to do more of that, too. But I'm kinda happy that you can relate to this problem. ;)

  3. Haha! I just started meal planning, now that I have time for cooking again :) Also, Into the Wild?! Have you seen the movie?

  4. Oh that's fun! What have you been cooking lately? I've seen part of the movie, but never finished it. It's a very sad story.