Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun with Groceries

I've been borrowing the car a lot more recently and I'm definitely getting more comfortable driving in Miami.  I've decided to set a slow driver example here, and go exactly the speed limit whether I get tailed or not.  I've never seen such impatient drivers before!

Anyhow, when I just go alone to buy groceries I find myself spending lots of time at Publix, scouring every aisle.  I remember going to the store a lot with my mom when I was a little girl riding in the cart, and now I'm the one picking out items for our household.  I've had to buy groceries before when I was single and living with some other girls, but I didn't actually plan out meals.  I often ate cereal and toast for dinner, and chicken very occasionally.  I knew barely anything about cooking then.

Now I love discovering new things at the grocery store and looking at different cuts of meat, Cuban specialty items, and sauces.  It really feels like a treasure hunt to me when I'm browsing the spices aisle, where I probably spend the most time.  I've been experimenting with different marinades lately with chicken and pork chops, and my new favorite is a whole ton of Worchestershire sauce, a bit of soy sauce, garlic salt, oregano, pepper, parsley and chives.  So delicious!

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  1. Sound delicious. I usually spend a lot of time in the baking aisle, but not recently.