Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Little Mattress That Could

So... ever since we got married (which has been almost six months already!) my husband and I have been sleeping on an air bed.  Since these beds are pretty much made of vinyl plastic and air, a hole can easily be created.  We've gone through four beds since September.

This last bed we've been on since November had gotten a tiny hole in it sometime in December.  My resourceful husband had this idea that instead of buying a whole new air bed which are pretty costly after a while, to try and cover the hole with a bit of candle wax and Scotch tape.  Well for two months, it worked.

It's kinda funny to think that this is how we've been sleeping every night for months, inflating our bed multiple times a day and feeling like you're constantly on a water bed.  Recently though, God has truly blessed us financially and Israel just got a promotion at work.  So we were prrrreeettty (beyond) excited to buy a real live mattress, one that doesn't move and is solid.

We found one out at a very good price at Mattress Giant and just picked it up last night.  However, since we didn't really have a way to transport it and we didn't want to rent a U-Haul, this is how we carried it back to our house:

We prayed that we wouldn't fall over like a little beetle on its back!  Praise to God, we made it safely home, us and the mattress intact.  Before we took it inside we were pretty (beyond) excited to do this to our old bed:

And this... 

And this!!!


I know we'll look back on this time later and just laugh.  We got our new bed all set up, and it's solid and doesn't jiggle and it's awesome.  We were both surprised when we sat down and didn't sink at all.  We spent our first night on the new bed and in the words of my husband, it was like "sleeping on a cloud."  I will never take a real mattress for granted ever again.


  1. Oooooh, that sounds so uncomfortable! Way to make it that long! I'm so happy you finally have something comfortable! Also...something easier know...on...