Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Most Perfect Brownies

I've been researching different cocoa brownie recipes and came upon this one from Smitten Kitchen.  This seemed to get lots of great reviews and it just looked delicious so I was really excited about making them!  But then I came down with a kidney infection... and it delayed my plans a little bit, but a few days shy of my antibiotics being done, I've decided to start incorporating other solid foods into my diet.  I was going to wait on chocolate until I was all done taking my pills, as a reward of sorts.  But I just couldn't wait!

I decided to surprise my husband with a batch of brownies and got started right away.  This is a very easy recipe to follow, but I did have to make a few modifications.  Having only 3 tablespoons of butter, I had to supplement a 1/2 cup of shortening and I did add a little more sugar than the recipe calls for.  But in the end, these brownies aren't supposed to be the sweetest thing, but it's the rich cocoa that comes out and makes it a very deep flavor.

My mom sent me this shortly after I moved here.  She knows what's up.  

I put the brownies in my little convection oven at 300 degrees (but for regular ovens it's 325), and let them bake for about 25 minutes.  The end result?  Fudgy, moist and almost cake-like.  Divine.  Not overdone or underdone (the way I usually prefer my brownies), but just right.  

You know you have a good thing when your husband's immediate reaction is "Mmmmm!"  and gobbles down all four of his brownies in about 14.5 seconds.  I ate about four pieces too, and felt my thighs expand in my skinny jeans.  But oh, it's worth it.


  1. I love brownies and I love Smitten Kitchen!

  2. Smitten Kitchen is so wonderful! I'm guessing you are also a fan of Prairie Woman?

  3. Yes I only recently discovered Smitten Kitchen, and it's awesome!

    And Erin, do you mean... Pioneer Woman? ;)

  4. I love Smitten too and if ever a Brownie recipe was going to be a good one, it'd be hers ^_^ I'm posting an interview with her next week if you're interested.
    What a great opportunity to cook Cuban food - I know nothing about it but I'm sure it's interesting! I'm learning to cook a few Austrian things as my boyfriend is Austrian.

  5. Oh awesome, I'll have to check it out! And yes, I literally knew nothing about Cuban food before I started dating my husband, but his relatives are a good source for information. I'm not familiar with Austrian food either, but it sounds interesting. :)