Saturday, February 26, 2011

To Lighten or Not to Lighten

So I've been thinking about going lighter for a while, lighter as in my hair.  It's been brown for a while now, but there have been times when I've had it a little lighter.  I was actually a real blonde until I was four years old when it turned brown all by itself.  So therefore I feel like I have the right to be blonde again.  :)

Me at two or three years?

My hair usually gets lighter in the summertime or when I've been out in the sun more.  

After just getting engaged!  :)  It was a happy time!

I played around on Photoshop the other day to see what I might look like now with blonde hair...

And well, this one looks like a plastered on bad wig.  So let's try again...

Looks a little more natural, not quite as platinum.  I'm really liking that "bronde" shade-- where you really can't decide if it's more brown or blonde.  Let's go to Jennifer Anniston for inspiration.

I'm having trouble fully committing to this decision, because I know it's a lot of upkeep and that gets expensive.  But I think it will be fun to try for at least a time in my life.  What do you guys think?


  1. Totally think you should go for something like the first picture! ;)

  2. Do it!!! Worst possible outcome is it looks bad and you dye it dark. That picture of you in the blue cardigan looks beautiful. I think you could pull of platinum blond really well. Let's both make big hair changes :)

  3. Elena, You were two years old at the time. As you know, you were born with very dark hair. Then you were blonde until you were 4 years old. Your hair seemed to turn brown overnight. I think you have some red hairlights in your hair. Your hair looks good in the engagement photo and in the blue sweater. Blonde hairlights would look nice!!

  4. Tricia, thanks for the encouragement!! I think I'm going to go for it! It will be fun to try something new.

    And Mom, well done on commenting! I'm glad my written out tutorial worked. ;)

  5. You already know my thoughts on this honey ;)

  6. Do it!! You would look awesome! :o) Post picture if you do go "bronde!"