Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today was:

- Dreaming about anacondas, lions and cheetahs
- Running from said lions in dream
- Waking up feeling tired from all the running

- Watching part of a Glee marathon on TV while:
    a.  Writing thank you notes (yes, still from our wedding)
    b.  Painting my finger nails bright red (for probably the first time since seventh grade)
    c.  Removing nail polish, remembering that I'd have to use my hands later
    d.  Baking a batch of the most delicious cocoa brownies... recipe to come soon!
    e.  Curling my hair and then putting it in a new updo

- Teriyaki noodles with scrambled eggs with garlic, chives and parsley for dinner... yum!
- Watching an episode of I Love Lucy with the hubby (the mother-in-law episode I mentioned a few entries back... hilarious!  It's just like me and my mother-in-law).
- Skyping with these two:


  1. Ugh, I wish I could wear a tank top outside right now! Lucky girl!
    -Erin S.

  2. haha aww :) one day, Erin... one day. Btw, awesome job on getting a blog!!