Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Oye, tiene una llave?"

It's been an interesting morning.  Let me first say that I have one key in my possession, and it's to our apartment.  But let me now say that before today I did not have it on a key ring, since I left my old keys with my parents in Topeka.  Key rings are important, people.

Before Israel left for work this morning, we took our laundry next door.  I said goodbye to Israel, did a few things around here, then grabbed a letter I had planned on leaving for the postman.  I was on my way over next door to check on the laundry and without really thinking, I headed outside, locked the door and slammed the door behind me.  And then I realized what I had done... I had officially locked myself out.  I was still dressed in my sweat pants and t-shirt, hair in messy bun and wearing no makeup, and I immediately thought I might be spending the whole day like this, with my cell locked inside the apartment.

I went next door and tried to explain in Spanish to María, Israel's grandma, what had just happened.  I have no idea how to translate "locked out," but I was able to use other words to convey my situation.  Before I knew it, Jorge had taken two huge cuchillos (knives) and tried to pry our door open.  He even tried a screwdriver-- Cubans are resourceful like that-- but it still would not budge.  And just when I thought I would be spending the rest of the day there in my pajamas, I got ahold of my dear husband who said his boss would let him come home to save me.  I was worried that this would not work originally, because he now works at least 30 minutes from here.

While I waited for Israel to come, I listened to the sounds of Christopher screaming and throwing a paper ball back and forth with him.  I even watched Joel beat an army of zombies in Call of Duty.  Even if I was going to be locked out all day, I think it would have been a good day to practice my Spanish a whole lot!

As soon as my husband came and let me back in, I found the key ring I had bought at Harry Potter World and fastened my key to it, and therefore reminding me that I do own a key and should take it with me.

I've got Dumbledore's Army on my side now.

And eventually the laundry did get done!


  1. I just wrong a lovely long comment, but it didn't post! Long story short, I have done this on two occasions. Rest assured you are not the only one! I also originally mentioned my jealousy of you drying your laundry outside!

  2. Oh sorry, I hate when Blogger does that. Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets herself locked out! ;)