Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Tour of the Deering Estate

Yesterday was enchanting.  I love when Israel has days off, because we can get out of the house and be tourists in our own city.  We visited the Deering Estate in Cutler Bay, which was built in 1922.  Not exactly the oldest house ever, but the grounds it was built on have some serious archeological roots, dating back to the Paleo-Indians, way before the 1700's.

We explored the grounds and houses, and even got to sneak into an undisclosed area, before we heard a strange woman cough upstairs and pretended that she actually lived here.  My theory is that she stays up there all day and when the whole place closes down at 5, she comes back down and dances around in the kitchen.

The first place we headed to after arriving at the estate.  I'm so drawn to water!

What do you see, honey?

I couldn't help myself but take endless pictures of the chandeliers inside.

An interesting rendering of Ash Wednesday

I love contrasting shots of shadows across black-and-white surfaces

Most people think Israel's eyes are brown, but in the sunlight they are a warm amber shade.  I love them!

There was a box that visitors could leave their own written poems in, and Israel contributed this:

Things lost, lives found
Eternity is in the moment,
This moment will live on.

The front of Stone House.... I Photoshopped out some ladies who were blocking a good view of the house :)

I saw this tree as were heading back to our car, although you can find them all over the Gables.  These trees are so magical.

We took a peak at the wine cellar right before they closed up...

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Gorgeous photos!!

  2. The photo of your husband in font of the painting is terrific! I also love the B&W tree trunk and roots!

  3. You guys are so cute together. Looks like it was fun! :-)

  4. Thanks for all the comments! :) Yes, it was a very fun day.

  5. It was a beautiful and magical time honey! :)

  6. It really was, mi amor! You always make my days more magical. :)

  7. Yes, those trees are magical. I think that fairies could live inside them.

  8. Very good stuff here. The last time we were in Miami, we visited Vizcaya, which was also super cool.

  9. The stuff fairytales are made of!

  10. Luuuuuv the B & W and the pic of Ash Wednesday with Israel standing in front of it. Great composition.

  11. I love your texture filled black and whites!

  12. i am so jealous of your being by a beach, and in warm warm weather! ps you two are adorable!