Monday, April 18, 2011

Cubans Like to Party

Yesterday we celebrated this little guy's birthday:

Yeah, he's pretty darn cute.  :)  The party was held at a park I've never been to before and there was loud music, baseball, a bouncy castle, Julio the Clown, tons of food and cupcakes, and lots and lots of Cubans.  Everyone mainly gathered inside the shelter house, which was a nice relief from the scorching hot sun.  And in true tropical fashion, there was a rather intense rain that hit in the late afternoon which lasted for about an hour before the sun came out again.

The stereotype for a lot of Hispanic parties is that the whole family is invited... and that means the whole family-- your cousins, your third cousins, your third cousin's receptionist, your great aunt's dog, etc.  Yesterday, I found that stereotype to be pretty accurate.  It still feels strange to be the minority here, basically the only person whose native language is English and isn't fluent in Spanish.  I've never heard so many people speaking Spanish together all in one place (except for Guatemala or Peru)... including the clown who only spoke in Spanish.  This was a bit surreal.

But it was a pretty good time, despite the immediate family being two hours late (also a very Cuban thing).  The music was so loud the entire time so I was ready for some nice reading time when we got home last night.  :)

Christopher already taking the initiative at age 2.

What a little flirt!

With my BFF and niece Giselle

With my favorite Cuban

The bouncy castle was a huge hit, especially when it was pouring rain and the boys wanted to get soaking wet

There was sooo much food, but this is just a sampling of some Arroz Imperial, which is basically just yellow rice with shredded chicken and cheese.  So tasty!

My mother-in-law Bertha and her boyfriend Tony

Chris was actually reaching for me and shouting "Tia! Tia!" through the ropes

But I think he was enjoying himself just fine :)

Julio the Clown making his rounds

A true tropical party!

Sweet Shot Day



  1. This was very fun honey! And the pictures are really amazing. And I love you!

  2. Laughing at the little kisser! :) So cute.

  3. AAAHHH, I love it...moving in for a smooch. That's awesome. Funny, my hubby's Dad is from Costa Rica but they are aren't very close, so I've never had one of those, what I like to call "Fools Rush In" moments (know that movie?). That arroz is making me hungry!

  4. What amazing photos! Is the little boy your son? He is adorable.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!

  5. Mi amor, thanks and I love you too! :)

    Aly, yes, I definitely know what you're talking about with the Fools Rush In moment! I have them all the time.

    Michelle, thanks for visiting and commenting! No, he's not my son- he's my nephew. :)

  6. Cuban party needs know intro as you are seeing a cuban party has given a little boy to do little flirt and to oldies a chance to enjoy.