Friday, April 29, 2011

My parents in Miami-- Day 2

While Israel was at work on Tuesday, I took my parents out to a few places-- the first being Publix, where I spent an hour just showing my mom all of the Cuban and other Latin products (including palomilla steak).  My mom ended up buying some guava paste for her and a friend back in Kansas.  Afterwards, we stopped at Vicky Bakery for some Cuban pastries and café con leche.

We also went to a few stores and this was my first time driving my new car, without my husband there with me.  Although I've driven several times here, Israel does the majority of the driving when we go somewhere together.  I'm actually fine with that because drivers here are craaazy!  As I drove my parents around, it felt like I was learning how to drive all over again.  I had people tailing me and cutting in front of me with hardly any distance between our cars, which is pretty much the standard around here.  It's going to take me a while before I can get used to this stressful way of driving.  You definitely have to be on your guard at all times!

My parents and I spent the rest of the afternoon going for a swim in the pool at their hotel, which was pretty relaxing.  It's been getting a lot more hot here so the cool water was very refreshing.  Plus we had the whole pool to ourselves the entire time!

Later, while my dad decided to take a nap, my mom and I went out and did some more shopping.  It was nice to just have a some girl time with my mom.  She's seriously one of my best friends and I miss just doing stuff like this together.

For dinner, we went over to my mother-in-law's apartment for some authentic Cuban food prepared by her boyfriend Tony.  We ate shrimp with a tomato-based sauce, tostones (fried plantains) and rice (of course!).

I can't help but think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding every time my parents get together with my in-laws.  I love it though because here are two different cultures and two different languages coming together because of a union formed by Israel and me.  There are lots of translations going on between my parents and Bertha.  I feel like this night I talked more with my mother-in-law without a translator more than I ever have.  I also helped translate for my parents!  And Jorge even noticed that my Spanish has gotten a lot better.

We watched a novela (Spanish soap opera) while we were talking after dinner.  I had so much fun at their house and even though my parents and Bertha can't communicate directly at this point with each other, I can see a mutual love and appreciation, which is pretty awesome.  :)


  1. You described Day 2 perfectly with your words and your photos. I enjoyed our "girl" time as well. It was fun and very relaxing to be with Israel's family.

  2. It was a phenomenal day my love! Y tu español esta mejorando bastante!

  3. Thanks, Mom!

    Y gracias, mi amor! Escuchando a el hombre de Escocia hoy! hahaha :)