Sunday, April 3, 2011

Salons, Books and Tapas

I decided to go through with it-- becoming a blondie.  After continually going back and forth, flipping through several editions of Marie Claire, and researching a few salons in the area, I put in the call to a highly praised salon.  I made a color consultation appointment, hoping my stylist would be able to do my hair on the same day, but thinking I might have to come back the next week.

Unlike a lot of salons, there was an actual receptionist's desk and two ladies already waiting to help check me in.  I was offered coffee, tea or wine as I waited and during the whole session as well.  My stylist, Karen, ended up fitting me in right after the consultation, due to some cancellations.  Since coloring is a rather lengthy process, I was really glad that Karen and I were able to talk about a variety of subjects with almost no effort.  Hair salon conversation is sometimes a tricky thing-- I always feel like my quiet side comes out more, and I have no idea what to say.  So it was really nice that I felt comfortable enough with Karen to chat easily.  A common question that stylists often ask is whether or not you have a boyfriend, and for the first time I got to talk about my husband.  :) Stability is nice.

We bonded over the fact that we are both married to Cubans.  It was really comforting to me that even though she's from Nicaragua and is fluent in Spanish, she too has a lot of trouble understanding the Cuban dialect.  "They eat their words," is how she phrased Cubans' way of dropping the "s" and "r's."  Sooo true!

I haven't colored my hair since last November, which is the longest length of time I've gone without coloring it since I started this crazy process four years ago.  My hair reverted back to my natural color (or as close it will ever get) over the last month into sort of a copper, golden brown color.  I decided to keep that as my base color and get lots of highlights to give it more of a natural feel that has a bit more depth than just a single-process shade.  I was really pleased with how it turned out.  I'm still getting used to it, and often forget what it looks like until I surprise myself in the mirror.

The new look!

I'm really pleased with how it turned out!  It's funny how important a woman's hair is to her.  I've been so bored with my hair lately and really wanting a change.  I've been so curious as to how my hair would look if I decided to go all blonde.  I will probably get an even lighter shade next time.  It will be nice to be blonde for a while and I figured I might as well, seeing as I'm outside a lot and it's been getting lighter all on its own.  This is a fun and much-needed change.

Israel picked me up at the salon when I was done, and the rest of the day was lovely.  We enjoyed a lazy afternoon of watching Eat, Pray, Love and then headed to Miracle Mile in the Gables.  There is a lot of colonial Spanish influence here, and it's such a beautiful part of the city.  We went to our favorite book store, Books & Books, and I browsed through a few books on Paris and Italy while Israel read my copy of The Art of Travel.  We saw a flier for the First Friday art walk and we tried to find some galleries, but after walking a couple of blocks in my nearly four-inch wedges, I was done looking.

We ate dinner at Copas y Tapas, a Spanish restaurant we've both been wanting to try for a while now.  Inside, the tables and chairs are made of an old wood and wine racks filled with all varieties of vino furnish an entire wall.  The room wasn't much bigger than our apartment and there was only one waitress working that night.  We were greeted in Spanish, something I've grown accustomed to here, and promptly put in our orders-- un batata de tortilla for Israel (a Spanish omelette between two slices of bread, consisting largely of potatoes and onions), and a sausage, potato and onion stew for me (I'm blanking on the actual name).  It was divine and very hearty.

Dessert was cafecitos (little shots of espresso with lots of sugar) and a sweet flan.  I've come to really love ordering espresso at the end of a meal.  It's so common here that you can even get it at a pick-up window at a bakery very late into the night.  Feeling very stuffed with Spanish cuisine, we stumbled back to our car and drove home.


  1. Looking lovely, as always! It really works for you. :)

  2. Very pretty! I've been wanting to change up my hair recently too.

  3. Your hair looks fantastic in both photos!!!! I love your bangs! =)

  4. ps: i'm loving going through your blog! Following ya so we can keep in touch! <3

  5. So pretty - great cut on you and fabulous self portraits!