Monday, May 2, 2011

My parents in Miami-- Day 3

This was the last day my parents were here, and we were seriously busy all day long doing a ton of different things that we forgot to bring them by to see the grandparents, Christopher and Danay.  Next time!  :)

Israel and I just had to take them to Books & Books because we love that place so much.  We all ordered paninis for lunch but when it was time to order dessert, they were all out of the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake!  For shame!  So we went to the most adorable French café for coffee and pastries.  Israel and I have walked by this place several times on date nights in the Gables, but they close early so we've never gotten to go in.  We took advantage of the afternoon and made a point to go here.

First of all, we absolutely loved this little café.  As soon as we walked in the already ajar door, the owners greeted us with an exuberant "Bonjour!"  This was interesting because Israel was just reading in David Lebowitz's book, The Sweet Life in Paris, that when in France you should always greet the owner or store clerk when you walk in or it's considered extremely rude.  So I think we all replied with "Hello" or maybe Israel said "Bonjour" back.  :)  There was already a man sitting at the counter conversing with one of the owners in French.  Apparently there's a small French community in Coconut Grove, which isn't too far from Coral Gables (and yes, I'm now dying to explore that area!), and so this place has lots of regular French customers who come here often.

We were seated at a large family-style table in the middle of the café and all ordered crepes-- my parents and I ordered the Nutella crepe and Israel ordered a lemon and sugar one.  I was expecting it to be somewhat small so I was surprised when the chef brought out a large crepe filling the entire plate!  It was delicious, but I couldn't eat all of it (correction:  I knew that I shouldn't eat all of it).  The owner Luis came by, speaking in both French and English, and told us about an upcoming free wine tasting that weekend.  Without even needing to discuss it, Israel and I already agreed we would be coming.

My huge but oh-so-incredibly-delicious Nutella crepe

When we finished our pastries and coffee, we meandered around the Gables a bit more, showing my parents our favorite spots and headed to Bayside.  It's a fun touristy place by the water with lots of shops, restaurants and a cute market place.

I've already forgotten the name of this tree, but these are all over the Gables.

This is a replica of a shark that was caught here and this picture is... probably one of my favorites ever.

My dad advising my mom on which bracelet looks best

We were all pretty exhausted after our sun-filled afternoon, so we headed to my parents' hotel by the airport to rest.  My dad had some vouchers for the hotel restaurant so we ended up eating there, which was surprisingly amazing!  I ordered the Grilled Alaskan Salmon with Cilantro Salsa and Coconut Rice.  Oh my.  I'm still thinking about it-- it really was that good!  Israel and I saw they had Dulce de Leche Cheesecake on the menu, so we split one for dessert.  It was good, but it just wasn't Books & Books good.  :)

An amaaaazing dinner!

Once we were all properly stuffed, we went back to the hotel for a couple more hours and then we said goodbye to my parents.  It was a wonderful day to complete their visit.  :)

Sweet Shot Day


  1. It was a very fun and adventure-filled day my love! :)

  2. It really was! We ate sooo much good food on this day, too! :)

  3. oh that rocks! I always am soooo grateful when the hotel restaurant food is stellar! Its convenient always... but good - thats rare! <3 score!

    How have I lived in sofl forever and never seen that shark!? omg! so cool!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Yes! Miami traffic is crazy enough so I was really glad we didn't have to drive much more the rest of the day.

  5. That salmon does look amazing!