Monday, June 27, 2011

Just a Teaser

I made these a couple weeks ago for Danay's birthday:

These are the Dulce de Leche Cupcakes from Joy the Baker. This was actually my first time baking anything with dulce de leche and I could not keep my hands off the frosting!  My sister is flying in today, so I will try and post the recipe soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just a Bowl of Oats

So, this was breakfast the other morning:

Don't let the fact that this bowl is setting on the stovetop confuse you-- it was cold.  Israel and I didn't realize we had to call the gas company before we moved in to make sure the gas was on, so we were without an oven for the first few days at the new place.  Fortunately they came by today before I left for work to turn it on.

But my, it sure was a a good bowl of oatmeal.  In the bowl was oats, peanut butter, vanilla almond milk, and lots of cinnamon.  My Cuban in-laws cannot understand my love for peanut butter (not really a thing over there), but I seriously could not go a day without it.  They also can't understand why Americans like their coffee so strong and not sweetened with about five tablespoons of sugar like theirs.  ;)

Coffee, oatmeal, and Gilmore Girls makes for the perfect morning for me.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moving Day


This is hopefully going to be a quick post because I'm blogging at Starbucks (no Internet at our new place) and I'm leaving for my late shift at Macy's in a little bit!  To catch you all up...

We moved into our new apartment yesterday!!  We spent the whole day making a few trips back and forth with various loads with the help of our friend Omar.  I think we picked the perfect day to move because it was 94 degrees outside, which was a great time to move into our new A/C apartment!  After we made the last trip from our old place to the new one, we started a load of laundry (with the washing machine conveniently located right across the hall), ordered a pizza and began unpacking our clothes, books, movies and kitchen stuff.  I tackled the bathroom and kitchen while Israel worked in the living room filling almost all of our shelves with books and DVD's.  I think this is my husband's favorite feature-- it's been a dream of his for a long time to have a shelf full of books and books.  :)

We were so exhausted after a very full day of moving, so we showered and relaxed in our bedroom (it's awesome now having a room just for the bed!) with a little bit of reading time.  I'm so thankful for this place.  All morning today I just felt like I could breathe again.  I'm thankful for A/C and I'm thankful that we can actually move around in our apartment.  Thank you all for praying for us!  It's hard to believe that a little over three weeks ago I didn't have a job and we didn't know where we would be living!  But God always provides, no matter how dire your circumstances look.

Here are a few photos from yesterday:

Our old efficiency/studio apartment right before we began hauling things outta there!  To the left is the kitchenette and bathroom.  

Someone's excited!

In our new living room!  We set up a makeshift table and were pretty excited to eat some pizza!

Hot and sweaty but oh so happy to be in our new place!  :)

I'm off to work!  I will post some more pictures of the new apartment soon once we get it a little more organized.  Happy weekend and Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moving Things

Good morning, darlings.

I'm working at the Clinique counter today and then tonight we are picking up the keys to our new apartment!  We hadn't packed much until last night because with no A/C it's simply much too hot to do much manual labor inside this place.  But we realized that we're moving in two days and we should probably pack a few things.  ;)

We boxed up all of our dishes using the tissue paper my sweet mama sent us and have about three to four boxes just of dishes!  This morning, I had forgotten that we packed up all the bowls so I ate my oatmeal right out of a glass.  :)  Since we don't have a lot of furniture, the majority of what we have left to pack is just clothing, movies and pantry things.  I'm hoping to clear out our freezer before we move at least, so I see lots of smoothies and meatless burgers in the near future.

Last night (or really I think it was early this morning) I had a dream that our landlady had lied to us about the new place.  We picked up our keys, expecting to see our private bedroom, living room and bathroom but instead the bedroom was a community room shared by everyone in the building with a bunch of twin beds, and the living room was the same way.  I started crying and told Israel I wanted to find a different place but our landlady wouldn't give us our deposit back.  It was awful!  And then I woke up and realized that the real place really isn't like that and we will have our privacy.  :)

My husband and I are moving out of our first home together.  There have been frustrations with this place, but it will always be special to me because this was our little love nest.  We stayed in an efficiency for the first nine months of our marriage, which is a story I'm sure we'll always be telling people.  I'll be posting some pictures of the new place soon.  I just can't wait to move in already and be all settled there.  It will be a little bare at first, but little by little we'll be filling it up with more furniture.  I'm just excited to eat dinner at a table like a real person!  hehe :)  My oldest sister Bekah is coming to visit very soon and I'm excited to show her around Miami!

And now for a random picture show!

We took Bertha and Jorge to TCBY last weekend because they have never had frozen yogurt before!  How could this be?!  Obviously we had to make some introductions.

Israel and I at Books & Books for our 9 month anniversary.  :)  My love gave me the earrings I'm wearing!

Unfortunately they were out of our favorite Dulce de Leche cheesecake, but they added caramel to this plain slice to spice it up a little.  It wasn't the same, but pretty tasty nonetheless.  :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Day in the Life

Hello, my lovelies.  Happy Thursday!  And Happy 9 months of marriage to my love!

Last night I set some chicken in a wonderful-smelling marinade in the fridge so that this morning I could just make dinner for tonight and not have to deal with the heat later this afternoon [note:  our A/C is still broken... so cooking is sort of unbearable right now].  So I took it out this morning and was working on pan-frying it.  It smelled sooo good and I knew it was going to be very tasty, but after only five minutes, the propane went out.  [Let me interject my story here for those who don't know to tell you that we don't have a real oven... we have one of those portable camp-type stoves that runs only on propane gas.]  We hadn't bought another bottle of propane and I didn't have time to go to the store because I was getting my hair cut soon, so I had to throw away the barely-cooked chicken.  :(  We're moving in almost a week to our new apartment and I can't wait to have a real kitchen with a real oven!!

I was just over next door doing laundry while talking to María and Ofelia (and Christopher, obvio).  This is always an interesting situation without Israel there or someone who can translate for us.  We usually get by with very choppy sentences in Spanish and English.  I think you have to visit Miami or live here for a little while to really understand it's completely different than the rest of the country.  Ofelia doesn't seem to understand why I don't know more Spanish because she's never been anywhere else in the United States to realize that it's not like that there as it is here, where hearing Spanish is very common.  María was trying to explain to her that it's different in Kansas and in most other states, where English really is the majority language.  Sometimes I wonder how I would be adjusting to life here and interacting with Israel's family had I not studied Spanish at all before!  I studied it in high school and college and still struggle with it!

Like I mentioned before, I got my haircut this morning.  The last haircut I had was in February at Super Cuts, which turned out to be a disaster.  So I was very happy to get my hair done by the same woman who did my highlights at Peter of London.  The last quality haircut I had was right before I got married in August!!  My stylist Karen added lots of layers and more bounce, and it feels sooo much lighter.  Ladies, is there nothing better than a good haircut?!  Amen?  Amen.

I'm looking a little crazy here... this is my attempt at not squinting, but I look surprised instead. 

Today is my day off work, so once the laundry is done I plan to spend the afternoon at a coffee shop reading and soaking up the A/C.  And tonight, my husband and I are going to grab a slice of our favorite cheesecake at Books & Books.  Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Scary Movie and Good News!

Last night we watched Paranormal Activity 2.  I know, I know, I'm crazy.  I'm way too impressionable to watch scary movies.

Israel and I went over to my mother-in-law's house after I got off work for dinner, dessert and a movie.  I brought over the chocolate pie that I'm most famous for in the family because Bertha keeps asking me to bring her one.  :)  Dinner was picadillo (Cuban hamburger hash) and rice, which was soooo tasty!  Bertha and I are exactly the same when we watch scary movies-- we jump, we scream, we shout out advice to the soon-to-be victim like they can actually hear us through the screen.  I think this one was much scarier than the first!  Oh, and I have to tell you that we watched it with Spanish subtitles.  That was definitely a first for me!  haha :)

It was such a fun night and we spent the night so we could soak up the cold air.

And I have some good news!  I met with the owner of the apartment we're interested in on Wednesday night and gave her our deposit and applications.  She said she would let me know by next week if we were approved, but she called yesterday and gave us the good news-- we got the apartment!!!

We're moving in two weeks but we can start moving stuff in the meantime just little by little.  I'm so happy we got the cute apartment and I'm so excited that this will be our next home!  Thank you all for praying!  Once again, God proves to always be faithful.