Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Day in the Life

Hello, my lovelies.  Happy Thursday!  And Happy 9 months of marriage to my love!

Last night I set some chicken in a wonderful-smelling marinade in the fridge so that this morning I could just make dinner for tonight and not have to deal with the heat later this afternoon [note:  our A/C is still broken... so cooking is sort of unbearable right now].  So I took it out this morning and was working on pan-frying it.  It smelled sooo good and I knew it was going to be very tasty, but after only five minutes, the propane went out.  [Let me interject my story here for those who don't know to tell you that we don't have a real oven... we have one of those portable camp-type stoves that runs only on propane gas.]  We hadn't bought another bottle of propane and I didn't have time to go to the store because I was getting my hair cut soon, so I had to throw away the barely-cooked chicken.  :(  We're moving in almost a week to our new apartment and I can't wait to have a real kitchen with a real oven!!

I was just over next door doing laundry while talking to María and Ofelia (and Christopher, obvio).  This is always an interesting situation without Israel there or someone who can translate for us.  We usually get by with very choppy sentences in Spanish and English.  I think you have to visit Miami or live here for a little while to really understand it's completely different than the rest of the country.  Ofelia doesn't seem to understand why I don't know more Spanish because she's never been anywhere else in the United States to realize that it's not like that there as it is here, where hearing Spanish is very common.  María was trying to explain to her that it's different in Kansas and in most other states, where English really is the majority language.  Sometimes I wonder how I would be adjusting to life here and interacting with Israel's family had I not studied Spanish at all before!  I studied it in high school and college and still struggle with it!

Like I mentioned before, I got my haircut this morning.  The last haircut I had was in February at Super Cuts, which turned out to be a disaster.  So I was very happy to get my hair done by the same woman who did my highlights at Peter of London.  The last quality haircut I had was right before I got married in August!!  My stylist Karen added lots of layers and more bounce, and it feels sooo much lighter.  Ladies, is there nothing better than a good haircut?!  Amen?  Amen.

I'm looking a little crazy here... this is my attempt at not squinting, but I look surprised instead. 

Today is my day off work, so once the laundry is done I plan to spend the afternoon at a coffee shop reading and soaking up the A/C.  And tonight, my husband and I are going to grab a slice of our favorite cheesecake at Books & Books.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Your hair looks great! <3 I'm so overdue for a cut and style! I never know where to go in a new town.. i'm thinking anyone aveda shall do! =) have a good evening!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Oh, lady, that apartment kitchen is going to be soooo sweet. I'm sure you will cook many a delicious meal there.
    I really can't imagine not being able to understand almost anyone for such an extended period of time. I'm sure your Spanish will continue to improve quickly, though. You are a very sweet, positive person...and that translates easily enough. :)

  3. Jennifer, thanks! I didn't know where to go either when I moved here, but I just looked at a bunch of reviews of different places and this place had pretty great ones. :)

    Rachel, thank you, sweet lady. :) I'm very excited about having a little bigger place and a real working kitchen! With the whole language barrier, it's been tough but I know it's getting easier. It helps too that I hear most of my co-workers speaking Spanish all day long, so I'm getting even more exposure.

  4. You look beautiful honey! Happy 9 months, again :)

  5. Thank you, my love! :) I love you!