Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Scary Movie and Good News!

Last night we watched Paranormal Activity 2.  I know, I know, I'm crazy.  I'm way too impressionable to watch scary movies.

Israel and I went over to my mother-in-law's house after I got off work for dinner, dessert and a movie.  I brought over the chocolate pie that I'm most famous for in the family because Bertha keeps asking me to bring her one.  :)  Dinner was picadillo (Cuban hamburger hash) and rice, which was soooo tasty!  Bertha and I are exactly the same when we watch scary movies-- we jump, we scream, we shout out advice to the soon-to-be victim like they can actually hear us through the screen.  I think this one was much scarier than the first!  Oh, and I have to tell you that we watched it with Spanish subtitles.  That was definitely a first for me!  haha :)

It was such a fun night and we spent the night so we could soak up the cold air.

And I have some good news!  I met with the owner of the apartment we're interested in on Wednesday night and gave her our deposit and applications.  She said she would let me know by next week if we were approved, but she called yesterday and gave us the good news-- we got the apartment!!!

We're moving in two weeks but we can start moving stuff in the meantime just little by little.  I'm so happy we got the cute apartment and I'm so excited that this will be our next home!  Thank you all for praying!  Once again, God proves to always be faithful.


  1. You're a lot braver than I am! I couldn't even watch the trailer for Paranormal Activity when I saw it in the theater - I had to close my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears, because I knew it would give me nightmares.

    I'm so glad you found an apartment. It sounds great!

  2. Haha! Well, I really am a sissy when it comes to scary movies now... during the last couple minutes I just covered my face with the covers.

    And thank you so much! I'm just ready to move there already. :)