Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Help: Book & Film Review

I read this in June when I saw it mentioned on someone’s blog.  This was before I even knew a movie based on the book came out a couple months later.  Israel brought it home from the library on a Tuesday and I literally never wanted to stop reading it—I even took it with me to work just in case I had any down time to read.  Even if I didn’t, I just wanted it with me.  That’s always a good sign, right?  Two days and four-hundred and sixty-four pages later, the book was finished.  Out of the 14 books I’ve read this summer, this one was hands down my favorite, which is why I decided to write about it first.

The story takes place in hellishly hot Jacksonville, Mississippi in the 1960s, when the issue of civil rights was at the all-time boiling point.  The chapters alternate focusing on different black maids and the families they served.  It was a sad reality for them that the white children they pretty much raised and loved for years would grow up and wonder why they were treated differently, only to sadly change their own attitudes toward these women who took care of them. 

Skeeter, a white woman who wants to track down her own maid who raised her, decides to write about this controversial subject. She brings courage and hope to the black community, while also giving Skeeter the courage to break down the barriers and pursue her own dreams.

I couldn’t stop talking about this book for months and Israel knew how much I loved it, so he surprised me with tickets to go see the movie a couple of weeks ago.  Although obviously they couldn’t fit every single plot line from the book in, I thought they stayed pretty close to the story.  And the casting was spot-on.  Celia was exactly how I pictured her, with her squeaky high mouse voice and tightly fitting dresses.  I loved it.

Do yourself a favor and first, read the book.  Believe me, you’ll be hooked and it won’t take you long at all to finish it.  And then treat yourself to seeing it depicted on film at the theatre.  


  1. Oh this has been my "spring" reading, I loved it, I didn´t want it to end. In Spanish the title is "Criadas y Señoras", and I ended it in three days. I didn´t know there was a movie already, but I suppose it will arrive to Spain in the next months. Thanks for telling me, I´ll check on that. Kisses from Spain

  2. Isn't it wonderful?! I know I'm really into a book when I can't even put it down to go to sleep! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, too. And the movie is equally great.