Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kite Runner: A Book Review

I usually prefer to read the book and then go see the movie—to visualize the characters how I want them to be in my own head first and then see how they’re depicted on the big screen.  There’s also quite a bit more detail in the books so it gives the reader plenty of background rather than what the viewer might miss out on. 

However, this was one of those times when I saw the movie first and later read the book.  I first saw this at a cozy little hostel in Tramore, Ireland with Tricia two summers ago.  We had enjoyed our ritual tea time, complete with biscuits, jam and lemon curd.  We had booked this hostel for two or three days in Tramore, a tiny little town where there wasn’t a lot to do, so we watched movies and read a lot during our time there.  This was one of the first movies we watched there and I was surprised by how much I loved it. 

I just recently got around to reading the book and it is now one of my favorites.  Amir and Hassan are childhood friends, playing and racing kites together on the streets in Kabul.  However, after Amir witnesses a tragic and horrific event and does nothing, their friendship is changed forever.  

Although it’s a sad story, I love it for its redemption the characters find at the end and the irony that takes place throughout the whole novel.  It's a great story.  If you haven't read it, do it!  


  1. This book is really sad. I read it long ago.
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    Read it and do as you please, but you read me from time to time and I thought you ´d love to participate.
    Love from Spain

  2. Good times in Tramore! So, Jeremiah and I were doing the whole Lawrence thing yesterday afternoon and I wound up in the British shop, purchasing some Gale's lemon curd and kinder bueno :) Made me think of you, of course.

    Ps. SWEET! My 'are you a robot' word was "shire"