Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recap of First Trimester

I've finally hit the second trimester!  Really looking forward to having more energy, looking more pregnant and less chubby, less nausea and hopefully less food aversions.  This is a summary of my first trimester:

-about two weeks before our visit to Topeka, I began experiencing unexplainable nausea that lasted all day long, which I only had about twice.... also, feeling lots more emotional

-experiencing even more nausea in Topeka, along with a burst of acne

-taking a pregnancy test once we got back to Miami and being shocked over finding out it was positive!!

-the nausea intensified for several weeks and the only thing I wanted to do all day was lay in bed and try not to feel sick

-lots of food aversions, including several things that used to be my favorite foods.

-cravings for salty foods, potato chips, fries, chicken sandwiches (pretty much all the bad stuff), and although I have gotten over my junk food phase for the most part, I still don't crave sweets.

-sharing the news with family and friends

-seeing our baby on the ultrasound twice, the second time getting to see our baby and its precious little hand next to its face

-hearing the heartbeat at 12 1/2 weeks

-several blood tests

-getting sick once, right at the end of the first trimester... not fun

-deciding on a boy name and a girl name, which won't be announced until the birth ;)

So, that pretty much sums it up.  :)  I'm looking forward to a whole new phase!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tricia in Miami + Baby Bump Pics

I am feeling a lot better than my last post!  The meds that my doctor prescribed have been amazing, and now I'm only taking them as needed.  But I think the majority of my morning sickness is gone.  Tomorrow I'm entering the glorious second trimester!!!

Yesterday, my lovely friend Tricia, on her way to Ecuador, had a seven hour layover in Miami.  That worked out quite perfectly, because I was able to pick up her up at the airport, take her back to our apartment for a little lunch and tour our favorite spots.  Israel and I took her to Versailles, one of the oldest Cuban bakeries in Miami and of course, had to order a cafe con leche and a pastelito de guayaba for her.

It was pretty fun seeing her off to Ecuador, where she will be teaching English for the next six months.  Other than a brief visit in February, the next time I will see her, I may either be giving birth or just about to!

And now, for some baby bump photos:

9 weeks

13 1/2 weeks

Friday, October 21, 2011

13 Week Nausea Story + New Baby Pics

I'm now 13 weeks along, and just a week away from the second trimester.  The past couple of days have been quite rough.  Although we had just seen my doctor on Tuesday, I was feeling fine at that point but later that night I began to get an excessive saliva buildup in my mouth.  It would fill my mouth about every ten seconds like I had taken a drink of water, and I either had to swallow it, which made me feel very queasy, or spit it out.  This made sleeping very difficult.  Tuesday night, I couldn’t sleep at all and I ended up throwing up in the middle of the night several times.  It was awful!

On Wednesday, I woke up and felt about the same—still lots of saliva (this has got to be the weirdest pregnancy thing!) and I was feeling very nauseous.  I placed a cup beside the bed and I literally just spit in it all day.  Classy, I know.  I watched a couple of movies just to get through the day and when I tried to take a nap, I still couldn’t sleep.  I slept maybe two or three hours total that night, although I woke up after each time I had fallen asleep.  And yesterday morning, I felt worse.  I felt like I could throw up at any second.  I couldn’t sit or lay down in any position where I didn’t feel queasy.  I called my doctor to see if they could prescribe something for me and they called in a script for a nausea medication.  I started drinking lots of water and I felt a little better after I had a few crackers, although my throat was burning from all the vomiting and spitting.  Pregnancy is so glamorous.

I couldn’t understand why this was happening now—I had gone my whole pregnancy thus far with nausea but no vomiting and just when I thought the nausea would go away, I got the whole saliva thing 13 weeks in.  So strange.

Israel and I had our last doctor’s appointment in Miami yesterday, which was the screen test for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.  Although my doctor said our chances for Downs were very low because of my age group, I still wanted to go through with the test.  Plus it was another excuse to look at our baby.  :)  We went to the hospital for this ultrasound and my technician wasn’t as nice as our other one at the clinic.  She was pretty matter of fact and even though I was feeling a little nauseous when I was laying down flat on the bench, I didn’t care at all about my discomfort when I saw our sweet little baby on the screen.  The heart was beating at a pretty average 158 bts/min. and already, our baby looked so different from that first sonogram!  He/she already looks fully formed with all their bones and everything, it was so amazing!

Our little bean has grown up a lot since his/her last picture!

Waving to the camera :)

Baby Sanchez was taking a little snooze while we were peeking at him/her, so the technician kept jabbing the wand at my stomach in different ways to get our baby to move so she could see the back of the neck.  I kept wanting to say, “Hey, lady!  Stop hurting my baby!” but I refrained and just felt bad for rousing our little one from their sleep.  The technician said everything looked very healthy, and that the baby is measuring right on time at 13 weeks.  My due date is now April 26!  It’s still hard for me to imagine that inside of this little pot belly I’m now sporting is this precious, beautiful little baby.  It surprises me every time I hear the heart beat and or see my baby move its hand across the screen.  It’s hard to imagine that Baby Sanchez used to be the size of an apple seed and will continue to grow inside of me for the next six months.  It really is a miracle.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Starving Pregnant Lady

I'm used to eating something every hour or two now. If I don't, I either start feeling really nauseous or just cranky. Yesterday, I took a long nap in the afternoon and then immediately showered and got ready when I woke up since Israel was taking me out to dinner shortly after he got off work. By the time we got to the restaurant, I realized it had been over four hours since I had eaten anything, and I felt like this:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Project Runway All-Stars

So, since my Israel and I don't have cable or any sort of way to watch TV (we do have a TV though), we've been taking full advantage of getting movies from the library and Netflix.  For the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I had nonstop morning sickness.  I literally felt like lying in bed all day and not doing anything at all.  But I needed movies to keep my mind off the nausea, so Israel brought me tons of movies from the library and that's really all I did most days.

Lately with Netflix, we've been alternating between Friends (season 8) and Project Runway (season 1), because Carlisle is in it.  Remember Carlisle?  We got a new disc yesterday in the mail and watched all of it last night.  It was awesome.  My favorite episode ever was when another designer's model never showed up, and Carlisle took her place.  He loved it.  We loved it.

I actually googled him today and found out that they're doing a Project Runway All-Stars season in November!!  And they're bringing Carlisle and Mondo back!

Sadly, I don't think Heidi Klum will be hosting, nor will Tim Gunn be back, so I don't know.  But still, we're definitely going to watch!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Before I could tell anyone

This is from my journal, when I was bursting at the seams to tell everyone I knew that I was pregnant, but it just wasn't time yet...

Here I am with my mom in Topeka, 6 weeks pregnant, and not even aware of the little one growing inside me yet!


Yesterday we had Israel’s grandparents, his great-grandma, my mother-in-law and her boyfriend over for lunch at our place.  We made rice and they brought over a rotisserie chicken, since they knew of my recent aversion to cooking (the smells KILL me!).  We had a really good time!  While the guys went outside to diagnose my car problem, the ladies stayed in and chatted in the living room.  They told me stories about their own pregnancies and baby stories about Israel (he was once very obsessed with his binkie but dropped it in the toilet, so his mom literally threw it out the window). 

Israel’s great-grandma Ofelia told me that she knew I was pregnant when she saw me the night we got back from Topeka (and I didn’t even know it yet!) and predicts it will be a boy.  I asked them if there were any Cuban superstitions about the gender of the baby and then they told me about the one Israel has witnessed many times growing up—the mother-to-be has to leave the room, while the others hide a pair of scissors and a knife beneath two seats.  When the woman returns, she must choose a seat and that will determine the gender.  If she finds a pair of scissors beneath her chair, it’s a girl, but if she finds a knife, it’s a boy! 

Well, I was curious about this old tradition, so I left the room with Israel while everyone else hid the scissors and knife.  When I came back into the room and chose my seat, I found a knife beneath my chair!  So, according to Cuban superstition, we are having a boy.  ;)  Israel has also had a dream that we were having a little boy (and his dreams are usually pretty accurate and often times prophetic).  We shall see in a couple months!

Israel and I spent the rest of the evening enjoying a little Internet at Barnes and Noble and later eating a small pizza and watching the rest of the first Harry Potter movie.  I actually started crying when Hagrid hands Harry a photo album of his parents.  Crazy pregnancy hormones!  I seem to cry at everything now.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

There were almost two...

Hello, lovelies!  Goodness, is it nice to have the pregnancy out in the open now!!  All I've been wanting to write about on the blog for the last month has been about the baby, but I had to wait.  So there may be a ton of pregnancy entries from here on out... just to warn ya.  ;)

When I went in for my first appointment, they needed to check on an ultrasound to see how far along I was.  After the technician had studied our baby for a little while, she very casually said, “Okay, well let’s just check to see if this is the only baby in here.”  I really didn’t think too much of it.  But then the technician pointed out that there was another sac just below the baby!  However, there wasn’t a baby inside.

She asked me if I had any family history of twins and at this point, I really didn’t think so.  Later, my doctor looked at the sonogram and said that probably what happened was that I was originally going to have fraternal twins (!!!!) but for some reason, the other egg didn’t develop.  How crazy is that?!?!  It makes me kinda sad to think that our little baby lost his/her twin and I always wonder now why it didn’t develop.  But man… first time parents having twins?  That would have been an adventure, fo sho. 

I later talked to my mom about this and she thought my great-grandpa may have had a twin.  So… apparently it does run in the family!  And I guess there’s always a chance for that in the future.  Crazy!!

I’m still dealing with morning sickness.  I had no idea how awful this part is!  For several miserable weeks, the nausea lasted ALL DAY LONG and it was almost unbearable.  They really should call morning sickness something else… something like, all-day sickness.  I didn’t know how I was going to get through it.  Chocolate ice cream and fudge sickles literally saved me many times.  Thankfully, now the nausea is subsiding a little but will still show up randomly at any time of the day.  I kept reading that you’re supposed to be eating very healthy foods, but ironically, none of that sounded good at all and the thought of it makes me feel sick.  I crave greasy junk food all the time. 

Currrent cravings/food that always sounds good:

-McChicken Sandwiches from McDonald’s…. can’t get enough of these!!  That mayo/crispy chicken combo is fantastic.
-french fries
-salt and vinegar chips
-chocolate ice cream (this is pretty much the only kind of sweet craving I have… so strange!)
-chicken nuggets
-Mexican food (this deeply grieves my Cuban husband…. hehe)
-Fruit Loops

Food aversions:

-eggs (can’t even stand making them for poor Israel)
-steaks or seeing raw red meat
-peanut butter (why???)
-most vegetables and fruits (again, why???)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I have some news...

You may have noticed I haven’t posted a recipe in a while.  The truth is, I haven’t been looking at food blogs hardly at all, because for the last month and a half just seeing pictures of food or thinking about it makes my stomach churn.  This is also called... morning sickness.  That’s right, folks, I’M PREGNANT!!!

 Oh my, this has been sooooo hard to keep a secret!!  I’m now 11 weeks along and almost into my second trimester, even though we found out when I was exactly 7 weeks (the day before our anniversary!).  Israel and I had just gotten home from Topeka, and thought taking a pregnancy test might be a good idea.  Some of the normal pregnancy symptoms had actually started to show up while we were visiting, the most apparent one being nausea (without vomiting). 

At first I had just thought it was all the rich foods we had been eating at my parents’ house (with a different dessert every night), but apparently that wasn’t the case.  I had expressed my concerns to Israel, and we bought a test at Wal-Mart while grocery shopping the night after we got back to Miami.  When we got home, Israel started watching “Indiana Jones” in the living room and I went in the bathroom to take the test.  The first line appeared and then almost immediately, the second one started to show up.  My mouth actually dropped.  We had joked in the past so much about “Oh, you’re probably pregnant,” that it was finally real and I was shocked. 

I came out of the bathroom and just looked at Israel--  he put Indiana on pause, I gave him the news and well, we were both in shock, because this pregnancy wasn’t planned.  We weren’t even going to start trying for at least a year or so.  But even though it wasn’t planned, I’m very, very excited for this baby!  It really took a few days for it to sink in that there was a tiny person growing inside of me.  I wanted to see a doctor right away to really see if I was pregnant (even though I took three pregnancy tests and they were all positive).  I made an appointment for the next Tuesday.

We called our families before we went out to dinner on our anniversary to give them the good news, and it was very fun to hear the screams of excitement from everyone.  Other than them, we really didn’t tell too many other people about the pregnancy until now.  I just wanted to wait until I was a bit further along, just in case something would happen.

I was so anxious to be seen by the doctor already so when the day finally came I was really curious as to how far along I was.  I was guessing six weeks at the latest.  I had no way to be sure because I had been having irregular cycles for a little while.  So I was quite surprised to find out that I was already almost 8 weeks!  Because they weren’t sure how far along I might be, they had to do an ultrasound, so on my very first appointment I got to see our baby!! 

It was almost like I didn’t really believe I was pregnant until I saw our tiny little bean on the screen.  I could see his/her head, little “wings” to the sides which were the developing arms, and tiny legs and feet.  It already looked like a little baby!  I got to hear the heartbeat and it was very fast and very strong.  The technician said the baby looked very healthy. 

 It will be so exciting to find out if it’s a girl or a boy!  The Cubans think it’s a boy (more on that in another post), and I’m kind of leaning that way right now.  I still can’t believe this is happening, that I’m growing a person inside of me!  It feels like a huge responsibility, a great task and honestly, I can’t wait to be a mother.  I know I’m going to love this child like nothing else, because I already do.  I can’t wait to meet Baby Sanchez!!