Friday, October 21, 2011

13 Week Nausea Story + New Baby Pics

I'm now 13 weeks along, and just a week away from the second trimester.  The past couple of days have been quite rough.  Although we had just seen my doctor on Tuesday, I was feeling fine at that point but later that night I began to get an excessive saliva buildup in my mouth.  It would fill my mouth about every ten seconds like I had taken a drink of water, and I either had to swallow it, which made me feel very queasy, or spit it out.  This made sleeping very difficult.  Tuesday night, I couldn’t sleep at all and I ended up throwing up in the middle of the night several times.  It was awful!

On Wednesday, I woke up and felt about the same—still lots of saliva (this has got to be the weirdest pregnancy thing!) and I was feeling very nauseous.  I placed a cup beside the bed and I literally just spit in it all day.  Classy, I know.  I watched a couple of movies just to get through the day and when I tried to take a nap, I still couldn’t sleep.  I slept maybe two or three hours total that night, although I woke up after each time I had fallen asleep.  And yesterday morning, I felt worse.  I felt like I could throw up at any second.  I couldn’t sit or lay down in any position where I didn’t feel queasy.  I called my doctor to see if they could prescribe something for me and they called in a script for a nausea medication.  I started drinking lots of water and I felt a little better after I had a few crackers, although my throat was burning from all the vomiting and spitting.  Pregnancy is so glamorous.

I couldn’t understand why this was happening now—I had gone my whole pregnancy thus far with nausea but no vomiting and just when I thought the nausea would go away, I got the whole saliva thing 13 weeks in.  So strange.

Israel and I had our last doctor’s appointment in Miami yesterday, which was the screen test for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.  Although my doctor said our chances for Downs were very low because of my age group, I still wanted to go through with the test.  Plus it was another excuse to look at our baby.  :)  We went to the hospital for this ultrasound and my technician wasn’t as nice as our other one at the clinic.  She was pretty matter of fact and even though I was feeling a little nauseous when I was laying down flat on the bench, I didn’t care at all about my discomfort when I saw our sweet little baby on the screen.  The heart was beating at a pretty average 158 bts/min. and already, our baby looked so different from that first sonogram!  He/she already looks fully formed with all their bones and everything, it was so amazing!

Our little bean has grown up a lot since his/her last picture!

Waving to the camera :)

Baby Sanchez was taking a little snooze while we were peeking at him/her, so the technician kept jabbing the wand at my stomach in different ways to get our baby to move so she could see the back of the neck.  I kept wanting to say, “Hey, lady!  Stop hurting my baby!” but I refrained and just felt bad for rousing our little one from their sleep.  The technician said everything looked very healthy, and that the baby is measuring right on time at 13 weeks.  My due date is now April 26!  It’s still hard for me to imagine that inside of this little pot belly I’m now sporting is this precious, beautiful little baby.  It surprises me every time I hear the heart beat and or see my baby move its hand across the screen.  It’s hard to imagine that Baby Sanchez used to be the size of an apple seed and will continue to grow inside of me for the next six months.  It really is a miracle.  


  1. How freaking adorable!!! Seriously, s/he's going to be so adorable. Sorry about the weird nausea :( Elizabeth told me last weekend during our visit (she's due in January) that, for her, the first trimester is the worst. She said that one time earlier in this pregnancy, Paul suggested that they eat a certain food for dinner (I can't remember what it was) and she thought it sounded so awful that she threw up- just from thinking about it! Hopefully Baby Sanchez isn't that picky and this nausea dies down soon. See you in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww, thanks! Pregnancy nausea is the weirdest. Thankfully, the meds are working really well and the whole saliva thing is gone. I'm feeling MUCH better! I actually ate a salad last night. I think things are looking up. :) See you soooooon!!!