Sunday, October 9, 2011

Before I could tell anyone

This is from my journal, when I was bursting at the seams to tell everyone I knew that I was pregnant, but it just wasn't time yet...

Here I am with my mom in Topeka, 6 weeks pregnant, and not even aware of the little one growing inside me yet!


Yesterday we had Israel’s grandparents, his great-grandma, my mother-in-law and her boyfriend over for lunch at our place.  We made rice and they brought over a rotisserie chicken, since they knew of my recent aversion to cooking (the smells KILL me!).  We had a really good time!  While the guys went outside to diagnose my car problem, the ladies stayed in and chatted in the living room.  They told me stories about their own pregnancies and baby stories about Israel (he was once very obsessed with his binkie but dropped it in the toilet, so his mom literally threw it out the window). 

Israel’s great-grandma Ofelia told me that she knew I was pregnant when she saw me the night we got back from Topeka (and I didn’t even know it yet!) and predicts it will be a boy.  I asked them if there were any Cuban superstitions about the gender of the baby and then they told me about the one Israel has witnessed many times growing up—the mother-to-be has to leave the room, while the others hide a pair of scissors and a knife beneath two seats.  When the woman returns, she must choose a seat and that will determine the gender.  If she finds a pair of scissors beneath her chair, it’s a girl, but if she finds a knife, it’s a boy! 

Well, I was curious about this old tradition, so I left the room with Israel while everyone else hid the scissors and knife.  When I came back into the room and chose my seat, I found a knife beneath my chair!  So, according to Cuban superstition, we are having a boy.  ;)  Israel has also had a dream that we were having a little boy (and his dreams are usually pretty accurate and often times prophetic).  We shall see in a couple months!

Israel and I spent the rest of the evening enjoying a little Internet at Barnes and Noble and later eating a small pizza and watching the rest of the first Harry Potter movie.  I actually started crying when Hagrid hands Harry a photo album of his parents.  Crazy pregnancy hormones!  I seem to cry at everything now.


  1. I am loving the influx of pregnancy posts!! This whole telling everyone thing means you are already a third of the way through this pregnancy... crazy!!

  2. I know!! :) Tomorrow, I'm 12 weeks and then alllllmost done with First Trimester.