Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recap of First Trimester

I've finally hit the second trimester!  Really looking forward to having more energy, looking more pregnant and less chubby, less nausea and hopefully less food aversions.  This is a summary of my first trimester:

-about two weeks before our visit to Topeka, I began experiencing unexplainable nausea that lasted all day long, which I only had about twice.... also, feeling lots more emotional

-experiencing even more nausea in Topeka, along with a burst of acne

-taking a pregnancy test once we got back to Miami and being shocked over finding out it was positive!!

-the nausea intensified for several weeks and the only thing I wanted to do all day was lay in bed and try not to feel sick

-lots of food aversions, including several things that used to be my favorite foods.

-cravings for salty foods, potato chips, fries, chicken sandwiches (pretty much all the bad stuff), and although I have gotten over my junk food phase for the most part, I still don't crave sweets.

-sharing the news with family and friends

-seeing our baby on the ultrasound twice, the second time getting to see our baby and its precious little hand next to its face

-hearing the heartbeat at 12 1/2 weeks

-several blood tests

-getting sick once, right at the end of the first trimester... not fun

-deciding on a boy name and a girl name, which won't be announced until the birth ;)

So, that pretty much sums it up.  :)  I'm looking forward to a whole new phase!

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