Saturday, October 8, 2011

There were almost two...

Hello, lovelies!  Goodness, is it nice to have the pregnancy out in the open now!!  All I've been wanting to write about on the blog for the last month has been about the baby, but I had to wait.  So there may be a ton of pregnancy entries from here on out... just to warn ya.  ;)

When I went in for my first appointment, they needed to check on an ultrasound to see how far along I was.  After the technician had studied our baby for a little while, she very casually said, “Okay, well let’s just check to see if this is the only baby in here.”  I really didn’t think too much of it.  But then the technician pointed out that there was another sac just below the baby!  However, there wasn’t a baby inside.

She asked me if I had any family history of twins and at this point, I really didn’t think so.  Later, my doctor looked at the sonogram and said that probably what happened was that I was originally going to have fraternal twins (!!!!) but for some reason, the other egg didn’t develop.  How crazy is that?!?!  It makes me kinda sad to think that our little baby lost his/her twin and I always wonder now why it didn’t develop.  But man… first time parents having twins?  That would have been an adventure, fo sho. 

I later talked to my mom about this and she thought my great-grandpa may have had a twin.  So… apparently it does run in the family!  And I guess there’s always a chance for that in the future.  Crazy!!

I’m still dealing with morning sickness.  I had no idea how awful this part is!  For several miserable weeks, the nausea lasted ALL DAY LONG and it was almost unbearable.  They really should call morning sickness something else… something like, all-day sickness.  I didn’t know how I was going to get through it.  Chocolate ice cream and fudge sickles literally saved me many times.  Thankfully, now the nausea is subsiding a little but will still show up randomly at any time of the day.  I kept reading that you’re supposed to be eating very healthy foods, but ironically, none of that sounded good at all and the thought of it makes me feel sick.  I crave greasy junk food all the time. 

Currrent cravings/food that always sounds good:

-McChicken Sandwiches from McDonald’s…. can’t get enough of these!!  That mayo/crispy chicken combo is fantastic.
-french fries
-salt and vinegar chips
-chocolate ice cream (this is pretty much the only kind of sweet craving I have… so strange!)
-chicken nuggets
-Mexican food (this deeply grieves my Cuban husband…. hehe)
-Fruit Loops

Food aversions:

-eggs (can’t even stand making them for poor Israel)
-steaks or seeing raw red meat
-peanut butter (why???)
-most vegetables and fruits (again, why???)


  1. yeh, the peanut butter thing gets me too....YOU'RE A WENGER gal!!! Come on! Well ya know. But, yes that is a sad thing. Your cravings might change at some point too. Let's hope for that peanut butter! :) I love you! You keep hanging in there with the nausea. You're doing great! One of my friends that is prego right now, she said she ate like that in the beginning (just junk food because it sounded good) then later on she was able to start eating healthy again.

  2. I know, right?! I thought that one was the strangest aversion. I've probably only had peanut butter twice in the last month... and I didn't enjoy it. Crazy!