Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cultural Changes + New Baby Bump Pics

Being back in Topeka has definitely felt a bit like culture shock.  I feel like I've been living abroad somewhere far away for a year and I've just come back and I'm still surprised when I walk into a store and hear mostly English.  I also notice that I'm not the only white girl in the room, and this has been the opposite for Israel.  So it's an interesting switch.  You can read more about his perspective of living in Kansas on his new blog.

The other day I went to Dillon's (which is like Publix for you Floridians) in search of our favorite brand of canned black beans-- Goya.  Normally in Miami, I would be able to find about seven different brands just of black beans in the regular canned goods aisle, but walking into Dillon's, I only noticed one or two brands.  And they were both American.  Determined to find the right kind, I searched out the ethnic section and found a huge can of Goya.  Score.  I just couldn't get over the fact that this item I could find in any supermarket in Miami was only in the ethnic section here.

I had my first doctor's appointment in Topeka this morning, and I loved everyone in the office.  I feel way less rushed here.  We listened to the baby's heartbeat which I really loved since I haven't been able to hear it for about a month since my last appointment in Miami.  We heard it right away when the nurse pressed the Doppler right below my belly button but the baby moved away quickly.  Baby doesn't like to be prodded!  But she was able to find it again and it was a steady 150 beats per minute.  I asked the nurse practitioner about more hemorrhoid advice and I was a bit discouraged to hear that it would only get worse later.  I had been feeling so good about it lately because things in that area were waaaay better.  But oh well, I've got lots of Preparation H supplies so I'm ready for it.

I'm also concerned that I may be gaining too much weight so quickly.  I brought it up at my appointment and they told me it sounded like I was on the right track.  I've gained about seven pounds so far.  My doctor told me since I'm so short, it'll definitely be harder not to gain too much weight since I have nowhere to hide it.  I think I'm showing a LOT more than most women at this stage in the pregnancy because of my short torso.  I can literally spread out my middle finger to my thumb and that's the whole length of it, so there's nowhere for the baby to go but out!

I'm 17 weeks today, so I'm pretty sure at my next appointment we'll be able to find out if it's a boy or girl!!  We're going to wait to tell everyone else till Christmas though.  :)  Lately, I've been feeling little flutters and subtle movement from the baby.  I wasn't sure for a while what I was feeling, if it was just my stomach or the baby, but my nurse practitioner assured me I was probably feeling the baby.  It's kind of fun right before I go to bed lying on my side and feeling little Baby Sanchez move around.

And now for some new baby bump shots:

13 1/2 weeks

15 1/2 weeks

17 weeks 


  1. Amazing! I can't believe the difference in your baby bump in such a short time span (in my mind a month is short!). A girl I work with is about 5 months pregnant and you can really just now see the bump.

    Haha, the Goya beans part made me giggle! My Mom has ALWAYS had the same problem. It's the only brand of black beans she really likes (outside of Camilla) and it is very difficult to find in Topeka for some reason. My parents went to New Orleans last month and it is ridiculous the amount of groceries they took back to their home in Arkansas for them and us children. The things we do for food!

    -Erin S.

  2. Haha! Yeah it's pretty crazy.... I can't even imagine how big I'm going to be once I'm full term!! Right now I look at least 20 weeks if not more on an average woman.

    I was surprised about the beans! I thought surely there would be more selection. That's awesome about your mom stocking up on things in New Orleans. :)

  3. I can´t tell you, you can´t imagine how big you´re going to be, laffin, sorry, it´s quite funny. When I was in full term, I used to wait for my hubby to get up before me, and went to the bathroom to get a shower, not until that moment I got up because i didn´t want him to see how I got up, i looked like Mobby Dick. You look great Elena!, oh god, pregnancy goes quick in other houses except in yours. GOOD LUCK!

  4. I can't wait to see you in person in February and hug your belly!! I have a feeling I've hugged your belly before, but this time it won't just be out of awkwardness. Have people been asking you if you're pregnant yet?

  5. I can't wait to see YOU!! Luckily, strangers haven't started touching my belly and no one's asked yet if I'm pregnant. Maybe I just look chubby? haha

  6. my bet...150 beats per min-girl.