Saturday, November 5, 2011

In Transition: Maternity Wear

Dressing myself has become a challenge these days.  While I'm all about embracing maternity clothes, my baby bump isn't quite big enough at this point yet to wear the cute tops.  Right now I'm kind of in a weird transition between my regular clothes and maternity clothing.  Most days I just wear my jeans (which are becoming more uncomfortable every day), a long tank, and an oversized cardigan.  However that's only when I go out.  As soon as I come home, I change into my sweat pants immediately.

Seeing as Israel and I have only been married a little over a year now, I don't won't to become frumpy this soon.  So I'm thinking a good pair of maternity jeans would be a great purchase now.  However, it's hard to find styles that fit my short but curvy body.  It's hard to find a good pair that will actually fit my ever-growing curves but aren't too long.  Mainly, I just want a pair of jeans that I won't constantly have to pull up in the back due to love handles.  I'm going to need to do some shopping before we move because I'm going to need a good pair to wear on our long travel days coming up.  I'm really liking this style from Gap:

And this dress from Target is pretty cute:

In other news, I think we'll be finding out the sex of the baby in about a month!  I already made a couple appointments with my new doctor in Topeka, one with the nurse practicioner the week we get there and one with my actual doctor in early December, when I think we'll find out the gender.  

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  1. There are so many cute styles for pregnant women now. It's funny, but I've been excited to sport the baby bump for awhile... haha. Just nothing else. No baby. No hemorrhoids. No morning sickness. Just the cute bump that the empire waste shows off. Is that weird?