Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quick Update

Israel and I are here at the library for a just a quick Internet fix before we have to leave soon for dinner at Marili's house.

This week, I can attest that constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy are real and very, very painful. No worries, I'm not going to get into details unless you ask for them, but let's just say that this week has been quite uncomfortable.  I seem to get every crazy pregnancy symptom in the book.

I think most of you know by now that we're moving to Topeka!  We had actually first started talking about this in August and were thinking that we'd move back next summer so we could soon start a family.  Well, this baby surprised us all and changed things a little.  So we're moving in a week!!

And it's time to leave.  I'll try and write more later.


  1. oh girl, I can SO relate to the constipation and hemorrhoids. Oh. my. goodness. TMI, i know, but just had the most the painful you-know-what in the world. It's been worse this pregnancy than with Jack, mostly due to having had given birth, but here are my tips of stuff that worked for me.

    -Magnesium will be your best friend. You can get it at wal-mart or wherever. Its totally safe to take. I take 2 a day at this stage in pregnancy and for the most part, it works like magic.

    -Preparation H suppositories are also a bff. Save my life. And my bottom. ;)

    Sorry if that was too much, but I tell ya what, that is THE worst part of pregnancy (more than morning sickness, in my opinion ;) and I need some SERIOUS help before I give birth again because that was...seriously the worst after-math part of the whole deal too. hehe. Praying for you! Hang in there!

    Oh, also, walking regularly helps. From what I've read is just your body's progesterone and your blood vessels swelling. Praise Jesus we don't get varicose veins. (yet ;)

    You are moving back to TOPEKA?! So excited for you guys! Why the move?

    Lovin' your blog, girl. Lovin' your honesty. It's just so wonderful.

  2. Girls both of you got my freaked out about child baring not sure if I am up for hemorrhoids and suppositories let alone all the blood testing and actual birth! (man jesus help me!!) I am so excited and you are handling it wonderfuly might I are a serious hero!!

    PS Will you be in Topeka for thanksgiving!!?? WE WILL BE!! I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU PAL!!!!

    all my love a prayers sister!

  3. Mel, as horrible as it is, I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this right now! No worries about the TMI, I love the realness. Yesterday I cried after I went to the bathroom. Wow, I haven't felt this much pain in my life and I haven't even given birth yet!! I've been using the Preparation H ointment and that's helped a little, but I just bought the suppositories so I'm excited (?) to try those out. I would definitely say this is WAY worse than morning sickness, too. Wow. I have too much to say about that, so I think I'll just email you. ;)

    Rachel, don't mean to scare you!! I had no idea how crazy pregnancy can be, I was just worried about giving birth. But you'd be growing a PERSON inside of you, so of course it will be crazy. I keep telling Israel that this baby better love me a lot. ;) That's awesome you'll be in Topeka for Thanksgiving!!! We will definitely have to hang out!!

  4. How awful!!! I'm so humbled by your and Mel's comments. It's beautiful to have friends who are strong enough to forge the way in this life-giving process. Wow!! It's funny- I kind of gauge my time in Ecuador with your pregnancy in mind. When I feel like 6 months is ever-lasting, I think "No, April will arrive- that's when Baby Sanchez is going to make his/her grand entrance into the world!" You're not going to be forever pregnant, and I'm not going to be forever in Latin America, away from all the comforts of home. Love you! Thanks for blogging about all this!! Excited for you two to be heading home.