Monday, November 14, 2011

Road Trip to the Midwest

Well, we are back in Topeka now, shivering and enjoying the last breath of Fall color on the trees.  On today's agenda is buying Israel a coat and some preggo pants for me.  :)

Our trip went pretty fast, although it was a 29 hour car ride.  I felt pretty comfortable for the most part, although I have become annoyed with seat belts tightening in a weird way around my expanding belly.  Driving through Tennessee was one of the highlights for me because the scenery was just so gorgeous.  I hadn't seen any of the changing leaves for at least two years so of course I couldn't stop taking pictures of the beautiful red and orange leaves!

We made it to Indiana by Friday night and stayed with Renae and Justin for a couple nights at their apartment.  I really loved our time with them and we even got to see their new house which they will be moving into this weekend.  They even surprised us with a little ice cream cake celebrating the baby's coming birth.  :)

It was nice to finally visit Evansville and see where they had been and will be living.  Our time there was too short but we are really looking forward to seeing them again at Thanksgiving.

My husband is embarrassed by this picture but I think it shows our true personalities here.  ;)  hahaha

And now for a normal one.  :)


  1. This is such a happy post! How sweet of them to have a cake for you :) And I like the new title a lot. Please bring pastelitos to Topeka! By the way, I bought guayaba jam today! Wait, the pastelitos we had had guava didn't they? So many tropical fruits that we don't have in the US! Oy!

  2. Oh thank you, my dear! The new title was actually Israel's idea. :) That's awesome you found guayaba over there! Yes, that's what's in the typical pastelito. I need to make those soon... I stocked up on guava paste before I left Miami.