Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

The party last night was a lot of fun!  Israel and I found out at my sonogram in the morning what the gender of our baby was, so it hard keeping it a secret all day!  I think I even managed to trick my mom, too. ;)  As soon as we got home from my appointment, I started making preparations for the evening-- making the cake, frosting it about four or five times just to cover the color, cleaning, and organizing things.  The big reveal was going to be later on inside of the cake.  Nobody knew but Israel and I before we cut the cake.

Our guests started arriving and we just ate and talked for a while.  This was my first time seeing my aunts and uncles since I've been back (and pregnant) so it was fun catching up with them.  We had everyone wear either a boy or girl sticker to display their guesses for the evening.  Israel and I organized an Old Wives' Tale Trivia Quiz, which we tested everyone's knowledge of old wives' tales about gender prediction.  The old wives' tales were pretty split between boy or girl for my pregnancy.  ;)

Soon it was time to finally cut the cake!  We had my parents cut it since I really wanted to see their reactions!  My dad was thinking all along it was a girl, and while that was my mom's initial guess she was swayed by the Cubans and really thought it might be a boy even though she was hoping for a girl....

It's a......

Girl!!!!!  :)

The final tally :)  

We are thrilled to meet our little girl in a few months!!  


  1. Such great pictures! A GIRL! How exciting!!!!!!!! Your parent's faces are priceless. Nearly choked me up there.

  2. Thanks, Mel! I know... we are super excited for a little girl!! I bet you're getting anxious to meet yours!

  3. ¡CONGRATS ELENA! and Merry Christmas to you and all the family from across the Atlantic.
    Great party. I always wanted to have a baby girl first, and I did, so I´m happy for you.

  4. Ahh amazing :) Congratulations to both of y'all. I love reading you're blog! I think the whole gender reveal party was an incredible idea too :)

  5. It was a really great time, honey! :) I can't wait to meet our little one! She will be as beautiful as you!

  6. Anon, thanks so much! We were living in Miami when we found out I was pregnant so I wanted to include my parents in a little surprise here. :)

    Mi amor, thanks!! That's sweet! :) I just want to see her little face already!

  7. Whoa we have internet in este rato, therefore, I'm going to get this out quickly! Oh my goodness, your party looks incredible. The pictures make me wish I could have been there so badly!!! And, I have to agree with Mel that the pictures of your parents faces (did you use a rapid shutter speed? Well done!) made my eyes well up with tears! I'm sure their hearts were pounding with excitement. I cannot wait to meet your precious little girl! Please tell her to wait until April 26th! Love you so much.

  8. Tricia!! Oh I'm so glad you found a spot of Internet! I know, I really wish you could have been there, too. That would have been wonderful. I will tell Baby Girl to hold out until you're back in the country! Love you lots and lots, dear!