Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lights at the Plaza

I've been talking up Kansas City to Israel for about two years now.  I mean, let's just be real here-- Topeka just isn't that much of an artsy place that has a variety of restaurants and a lot things to do.  For me, Topeka is more about the people.  But for Israel, all he's ever lived in are huge cities.  He went straight from Havana, Cuba which has a population of about 2 million and moved to Miami when he was 11 which has about the same population.  Topeka is a bit of a shock to him.  ;)  So I wanted to take him out of the city and go see the lights at the Plaza in Kansas City for a little change.

We left early in the afternoon yesterday spent the whole day there going into different shops and tried not to freeze too much.  I'm still not used to this cold weather!  It wouldn't be as bad but I can no longer button any of my coat.  Must buy larger or maternity coat soon!

After admiring pretty much every single thing in Anthropologie, we happened to see that Midnight in Paris was playing at the theater across the street.  So we bought tickets for a later show and Israel and I ate at Buca di Beppo for dinner which is a great family-style Italian place.  We've both been wanting to see Midnight in Paris for the longest time and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  It's a lovely film and the perfect ending to a perfect day.  I always have so much fun with Israel and I'm just so thankful that we can spend time together and just have the best time.  I love him quite a lot.  :)

I had another doctor's appointment this morning and we got to meet my doctor.  I was hoping we'd be able to find out the gender today but since we didn't have an ultrasound scheduled we have to wait another two weeks!  Oh my.  By then, I'll almost be 22 weeks!  Although that was a little disappointing, it's always wonderful getting to hear the baby's heartbeat.  The baby's heart was beating so fast!  Today it was 162 beats/minute.  After my nurse listened for a few seconds, she even said, "Wow!  It sounds like this baby is getting ready to go somewhere!"  Baby Sanchez sure is going to be an active one.  ;)


  1. Look at Israel all snuggly in his winter coat!! I told my students today how cold it is in Kansas (Jeremiah said it was 23 degrees yesterday) and that I kind of miss the cold weather. I probably don't really miss it that much. I think I like the feeling of beating the cold with sweaters and scarfs and gloves, and that feeling you get when you get relief from the cold by walking into a heated building or shop, that sigh of relief that you feel, that sudden flush of warmth. Anyway, glad you two had fun in KC! Not like my predictions mean anything, but I believe you two will migrate in that direction in a few years. Maybe KC, maybe on to St. Louis...? It's also good to see you two having a nice date night after over a year of marriage :) Isn't Midnight in Paris great?

  2. Hehe, I just love you, Tricia! :) The cold definitely does make it a cozier time of year and I love that. The temperature keeps dropping and I keep getting shocked when I walk outside! Sometimes Israel will ask me before we go out if I think he'll need his coat and I just say, "Assume from now on you will always need your coat. That is now your permanent outerwear." :) I definitely could see us living in KC or some place like it sometime in the future... maybe a happy medium between a small place like Topeka and a big city like Miami. I loved Midnight in Paris! Loved the overall message, too.