Monday, December 19, 2011

today in pictures

I've been telling Israel for the last few days that my baby bump seemed a little smaller, but after taking this picture I take it back.  :)  Baby Sanchez is growing!

This pretty much sums up the whole weekend.  Ever since Saturday, I've been feeling completely nauseous all over again, very much like morning sickness.  At first I thought it might be the flu, but I've read that around this time because the baby is growing so much, the uterus is pushing up against your stomach and can cause nausea.  It makes sense for me because I have a very short torso.  I've been eating tons of Saltines lately.  

This afternoon I made Oreo Pops for the first time!  They're for tomorrow night to accompany the gender reveal cake.  It was pretty tedious but Israel said they were delicious so it was worth the time.  :)  

Many hours were spent in this kitchen today!  I haven't done this much baking in about... five months or so.  ;)

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