Thursday, January 5, 2012

24 weeks

The other day I asked Israel to take a few baby bump pictures for me and then I edited them when we got home.  It was really fun to go on a little photo shoot and take some pictures other than from the backyard.  On the way home we got to see a gorgeous sunset and even saw two deer cross the road!  

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and it was way less rushed than my last appointment with her.  I got to ask her more questions I had about different labor and delivery policies.  And she told me that she had looked over the results from my last sonogram and everything looked really good.  Baby Girl is healthy and normal and I praise God for that so much.  I'm so thankful that despite a few uncomfortable issues, this has been a very healthy pregnancy.  

I also asked my doctor about which due date I should go by and she said I should just stick with my original due date of April 26.  Right now I'm 24 weeks along, but the baby is measuring at 23 weeks.  Both of this little lady's parents are short so I'm sure she'll be tiny as well.  :)  


  1. She'll be tiny and gorgeous, much like her mother! :)

  2. Isreal's comment is adorable!! I know where that bridge is :) Great job photographing, Israel.

  3. haha, thank you!! :) i hope she has her father's beautiful long eyelashes!