Tuesday, January 17, 2012

25 weeks, 5 days: "Where are my shoes?"

According to the bump, little lady is now about the size of an eggplant, measuring around 13.5 inches and weighing about 1.5 pounds!  From here on out, she's going to be packing on the baby fat and this is the point where she'll start growing pretty fast.

I'm definitely starting to feel "more pregnant" and more uncomfortable with each passing day.  It's really hard to believe that I'm almost into the third trimester and nearing the final stretch!  No pun intended.  ;)  I think the second trimester honeymoon stage is almost over, and I'm starting to just feel larger and larger.  

Ever since we moved to Kansas and with our things all over the place (still have most of our stuff in boxes), I've started to lose track of my shoes.  It has become almost a daily question to Israel:  "Where are my shoes?"  I'll look under the bed-- which has gotten quite comical as I get on all fours and try to look underneath-- and they're usually never there.  I have to do some searching because I never remember where I put them last.  Pregnancy brain has definitely set in.  

The other day as I was going upstairs, Israel asked me to bring him down something, and while I was upstairs for only two minutes, I had completely forgotten what he wanted.  I seem to be forgetting things constantly.  

Putting on my socks and shoes has become my least favorite thing of the day.  Because of my growing bump, it makes it quite difficult to bend over to do these little tasks!  I usually will sit on the floor or on the bed and put my socks on sideways and then slip my shoes on over them.  

Some fun things that have happened lately:

-both my mom and Bekah have now felt the baby move!  One afternoon she was very active and I was just standing in the kitchen and my mom was able to feel her kick.  
-in the last couple of weeks, my linea nigra has started to appear although it's still pretty faint at this point.  My belly button is looking so weird these days!  It's closed up but hasn't quite pushed out yet.  
-I still can't get over how fun it is to see little baby move around and see my stomach move!  I want to take a video of this once I'm a little bigger.

I'll post more baby bump pics on Thursday!

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  1. Hey Elena!, LOL.
    Sorry to tell you but you don´t have the idea of being pregnant means yet, jajaja.
    I used to let my hubby to go into the shower not to see me getting up from the bed, I had to spread my legs open to get up, and thought i was like mobby dick whale or something, terrible, this fortunately, was just the last days...so wait...it´s very funny. LOVE FROM SPAIN