Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY: Fabric Embroidery Hoops

I'm typically not a very crafty person.  I love the idea of handmade goods but when it comes down to actually making something, I seem to be a bit craft-impaired.  I was always one of those kids in school who looked to the other kids at craft time who seemed to be "getting it" for help.  But lately, I have been loving looking for different nursery ideas and inexpensive ways to decorate once we find our own place via pinterest.  And I love the idea of making your own wall art using fabric and was originally thinking about gluing fabric to canvas boards.  After comparing prices at different craft stores, I decided that embroidery hoops were a much cheaper option (the largest hoop I bought was only a little over $1!).

Using different vintage-looking fabrics is a great way to add in lots of color to white walls.  I've only made four so far and would like to make at least five more, but it only took me about an hour or less to make those!  Here's what you need:

-A square of fabric, at least 2" wider than your hoop in all directions
-A wooden embroidery hoop in any size 
-Fabric glue
-Fabric scissors

How to make one:

1.  Place fabric in the hoop (inner hoop on reverse side of fabric, outer hoop on right side), pull tight
2.  Turn to wrong side and run a small line of glue around the inside hoop, just next to the fabric
3.  Press fabric into glue all the way around
4.  Allow glue to dry
5.  Trim fabric to edge of hoop

These are the ones I have done so far.  I'll post more pictures once I actually have them hanging in the nursery (which will hopefully be soon).  Very easy to make and an inexpensive way to hang wall art!


  1. ELENA!!!!!!!!!! Those are so adorable. It's like when I was reading the first part of this post, I was thinking they would be for your kitchen or something. But then I arrived at your third picture and let out an audible "awwww!" So cute. Yes, a nursery filled with fabric wall balloons will be lovely. Well done. First you turned to cooking, now crafts! Before the end of the year, you'll be sponsoring a 4H unit :)

  2. Haha! Thanks, Tricia! I would love to put these in a living room or something, too. They're pretty versatile.

  3. I LOVE your fabric choices! :)