Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A few nights ago, Israel finally felt our baby girl move!  A few days ago before that, I had been feeling little popcorn flutters on my stomach but I really didn't know what these were.  I didn't think they were kicks because they felt so different than her movements before.  I really thought they were just uterus growing pains or gas bubbles or something so I just tried to ignored it when I would lay in bed reading.

So, the other night, Israel and I were praying and I started feeling those little popcorn movements again.  I told Israel about them and when I lay on my back, they increased in frequency.  We figured out that it was actually the baby kicking!  What amazed me is that we could actually physically see her little movements-- every time she kicked, my stomach looked like it had been punched from the inside.  And that's exactly how it feels.  For about a half hour, all we did was wait and watch for her little kicks and punches.

I've noticed that the little lady tends to move a lot more when she hears Israel's voice.  It's so sweet.  Even before I started feeling these stronger kicks and was in the flutter stage, I remember one day I was in the living room on my computer and was starting to feel concerned that I hadn't felt her move in a couple days.  When Israel came out of the bedroom and said hello, she immediately did a little flip in my stomach!

Now that I know those little popcorn punches are from her, I've become addicted to putting my hand on my stomach at night and watching her move.  I want to capture a little video of my stomach moving around once I'm a little bigger.  This just makes it all the more real that there really is a tiny person inside of me.  I can't wait to meet her.


  1. it's one of the best parts of being pregnant! Wait til you can see her little footprint pressing out! Amazing!

  2. That will be craaazy!! Baby Girl actually scared me last night with one of her huge kicks. I love it though. :)