Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Maternity Pillows

I've become a bit of a pillow addict.  I used to be pretty content sleeping with only one pillow, but when I started having morning sickness I felt a little better if I had another pillow to lift my head up.  As my belly began to expand with the baby, I would wake up in the morning with my stomach really hurting, almost feeling sore.

I started researching different maternity body pillows and requested a Snoogle mini body pillow for Christmas.  I like it but it's a little difficult to get it to support my stomach when I sleep.  I do like to tuck it between my knees and it really does help my back feel better.

I try not to look this creepy when I sleep with it, FYI.

A week ago, when Israel and I were registering at Babies R Us, I saw the Boppy Wedge pillow.  I remember reading about this one too and I knew it would be perfect for fitting under my belly for a little support.  We bought it that day and I have been sleeping with it every night.  It's perfect.  I loooooove it!

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  1. Hahaha, love your comment below that definitively creepily smiling lady photo. Yay for belly support!!